Chase Mark ‘the Beast’ Labbett star shows incredible five stone weight loss


One of the chasers for ITV’s popular game show wowed fans after revealing his massive weight loss.
Mark Labbett, otherwise known on the show as “The Beast,” shared his new, slimmer frame on social media with a before and after snap.

The 55-year-old quiz looked noticeably slimmer in a selfie he shared on Twitter, showing how loose his pants have become.

Mark, raised in Tiverton, diabetic, was warned by doctors about his weight after reaching 27 stones.

He has since lost five stones, which has made him feel better and more confident.

Mark received health warning from my doctors as he hit 27 stones

Mark is now under 23 stones and hopes to drop below 20 stones and bring his BMI level below 30.

Showcasing his new physique online, he wrote, “A leaner, meaner lockdown with good muscle food people. At this rate, I’ll be the skinniest hunter. ”

Shocked and in awe, fans commented on his new look and praised him for his weight loss transformation.

Mark Labbett Showed His Weight Loss On Instagram

One person wrote: “Flippin ek Beasty boy, well done son. You look brilliant. What a beast transformation. ”

Another added: “Fantastic job! Well done. Think about all the health benefits you have now.

“Maybe a little program of your progress would make a good viewing?” inspiration I am sure your nieces and nephews should be proud and that you are setting a good example. have a good day. ”

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Hopefully during my next checkup in a month or two I’ll be a little lighter than that, ”he said.

He also revealed his three-year-old son barely slept, making his father “the poster boy for sleep deprivation,” reports The Mirror.


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