Camilla used Charles for “fling”, but Prince “hit” took the relationship “more seriously” | Royal | New


Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall’s first affair with Prince Charles was just an “adventure” while waiting for the man she was “really in love with”, a royal biographer has claimed. Vanity Fair editor and historian Sally Bedell Smith joined the Royally Obsessed podcast to dissect the early relationships of the future king and bridegroom. She spoke about the various stages of the royal couple before and throughout the disastrous marriages with each other.

Ms Bedell Smith told listeners: “Their first affair was in 1972 and they were introduced by a friend of Charles who was a neighbor of Camilla.
“She invited them for a drink together.

“So all of this stuff about meeting them in a polo match isn’t true, they met there.

“He was very much in love with her, but she was really in love with Andrew Parker Bowles. ”

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She continued, “She wanted to marry him, she had been with him for six years.

“But Andrew Parker Bowles was away for six months in Cyprus with his regiment.

“So she had six months to have this affair with Charles and he took it much more seriously.

“Even though he wasn’t ready to get married. ”

Ms Bedell Smith said: “It ended, according to the accounts of everyone I spoke to, when he married Diana.

“Now, were they sometimes in contact by phone because he was her son’s godfather?

“But I think you owe Prince Charles at his word what he said to Jonathan Dimbleby in his famous documentary in 1994.

“He admitted adultery with Camilla, but he said they resumed in 1986, after his marriage broke down irreparably.

“By this time, Diana had already had an affair with her protection officer, and later in 1986, James Hewitt.


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