British man tries to send samosa to space, package crashes in France


An English restaurateur’s attempt to send a samosa into space failed, and the package instead crashed in a location in France. Now, a video summarizing the whole experience is getting people laughing online.
Niraj Gadher, who owns Indian fast food restaurant Chai Walla in Bath, decided he wanted to send a samosa and a wrap into space.

β€œI jokingly said once I would send a samosa into space and then I thought during this dark time we could all use a reason to laugh,” he said. Somerset and direct.

So he took the snacks, put them in a box, and then tied them to a weather balloon that had a GoPro camera and a GPS tracker.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Gadher, with the help of some friends, pulled out the package attached to a helium balloon. The video captured the box traveling above the Bath horizon and across the sky. However, the GPS malfunctioned.

[Strong language, viewers discretion is advised]

But a day later it started functioning again and Gadher found out that it had landed in a forest in Caix, France. He and his friends started messaging locals on Instagram to see if anyone would be up to stalking the box.

An Instagram user eventually replied to his post and attempted to collect the package on behalf of Gadher when he was not living anywhere in the area.

Talk to The voice of the North, Said Alex Mathon, I was quite surprised when I received this message on Instagram. I did not understand why he contacted me, because he is still an hour from my house. Later, he remembered that he had gone to Caix in September for a concert.

Finally, a few days later, he agreed to go to the GPS position. After riding for an hour, Mathon discovered the remains of the balloon in the middle of a field, with a GoPro in it. However, the box containing the food items was missing.

β€œIt was a bit like a treasure hunt, I thought it was crazy! We usually see this kind of story in the United States. Well, it is in an area lost in Picardy ”, declared Mathon. France3.

The whole effort made headlines around the world. Gadher said he was happy his food had reached new heights and promised to be more organized in the future.


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