British Eatery launches Samosa into space and crashes in France


It took Niraj Gadher three attempts to launch a samosa into space.

An Indian restaurant in the UK managed to send a samosa in space – before it crashed in France. Chai Walla, one of Bath’s top ranked restaurants, managed to complete the extraordinary space mission in three tries.

Niraj Gadher, owner of Chai Walla restaurant, said he wanted to spread some joy when he got the idea of ​​sending a samosa in space, according to the UPI news site.

“I said jokingly once I would send a samosa in space and then I thought during this dark time we could all use a reason to laugh, ”Mr Gadher told Somerset Live.

The restaurant owner used helium balloons to launch the beloved snack into space. It took three tries to get it right. The first time, the helium balloons slipped out of his hands. “The second time around, we didn’t have enough helium, but we got there the third time,” he said.

A video shared on YouTube shows Mr. Gadher and his friends launching the samosa into space after attaching it to a weather balloon equipped with a GoPro camera and GPS tracker. The group released the samosa and watched it travel through the atmosphere.

While Mr. Gadher had wanted to track the food’s journey, the GPS initially malfunctioned – perhaps when the balloon rose high in space. However, the next day he returned and revealed that the samosa had crashed in France.

The group then began messaging locals on Instagram to see if anyone would be up to stalking the snack.

An Instagram user by the name of Axel Mathon accepted his request and found the samosa in a field in Picardy.

“Really until I got here I couldn’t believe it,” he said on a local news website. “And actually when I looked up I saw the helium balloon burst in the trees. And I found this polystyrene box well packed.

“It was a bit like a treasure hunt, I thought it was crazy! ”

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