Brisbane virus lockdown raises concerns over cricket test


Sydney (AFP)

Brisbane’s instant coronavirus lockdown raised new concerns over the final cricket test on Friday, with India insisting it should avoid quarantine in the Australian city.

The three-day lockdown, from Friday, for a single case of the British infectious strain follows days of reports India is unhappy at having to undergo another round of isolation.

Australia and India are currently playing the third test in Sydney and are due to travel to North Queensland for the final match from January 15.

“We have written to CA (Cricket Australia) asking them to relax the quarantine rule in Brisbane,” an official from the cricket control board in India told AFP.

“The team have already been isolated after landing in Australia from the United Arab Emirates (after the Indian Premier League in November). ”

Queensland state officials said the Brisbane test had “not been affected” by the new lockdown. Different states in Australia set their own restrictions on coronaviruses.

“Queensland Cricket and Cricket Australia will continue to work with the Queensland government to ensure the test is delivered safely,” a statement said.

Big hitter Sunil Gavaskar said Indian players want the same freedoms as other people in Australia.

“In Sydney, there are people who come to the ground and then return to have dinner in a restaurant or for a gathering of 20, 30 people in a pub,” Gavaskar said in a comment for Channel Seven Friday.

“What they’re saying is that they should also be allowed to do something similar. You might have a situation where the ball goes into the crowd, someone from the crowd touches the ball. ”

The former captain added: “The government of Queensland has every right to protect its people. Likewise, I think BCCI has the full right to protect its team. ”

The tour has been hit by several virus-related issues, with spectator numbers severely limited in the current Sydney game due to an outbreak in the city.

The Melbourne test has been named as a possible Covid-19 spreading event, and five Indian players were caught breaking the biosecurity bubble while eating at a restaurant.

The streak is level at 1-1 after India rebounded from its opening loss to beat the hosts in Boxing Day test.


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