Boost for France before the Six Nations after the conclusion of the agreement


France have a deal with their clubs which means the internal politics that undermined their chances of winning the fall Nations Cup have been resolved for the Six Nations.
More than 25 top-choice players were unavailable for the fall climax against England on December 6 due to Top 14 opposition to an extended international window.

Head coach Fabien Galthie was only able to pick each player a maximum of three times over the campaign’s six tests, and after charging his stars early in the competition, he lined up a shadow side to Twickenham who fought in 22-19. sudden death defeat.

The deal has been concluded

But a deal has been struck for the Six Nations that gives Galthie access to all players during the five-week matchup and a pre-tournament training camp that begins on January 24, the French union said on Tuesday.

Above all, the 23 elected Galthie will also be rested during the weeks of break from the competition rather than having to show up for their 14 best clubs.

The deal, which will be reviewed later this year, was made with the spirit of giving the Blues the best chance of winning the 2023 World Cup, which they host.

England won the Six Nations Cup and the Fall Nations Cup last year, but resurgent France is rekindling their rivalry and are set to be the closest challengers to Eddie Jones’ champions.


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