Biden administration will not withhold second dose of vaccine: report


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Washington (AFP)

The administration of US President-elect Joe Biden will release every available dose of the Covid-19 vaccine produced in the country, rather than withholding half of the supply to ensure people get their booster shots on time, according to one report Friday.

“The president-elect believes we need to speed up vaccine distribution while continuing to ensure that Americans who need it most get it as quickly as possible,” TJ Ducklo, a spokesperson for the transition, told CNN. by Biden.

“He supports the immediate release of available doses and believes the government should stop withholding vaccine supplies so we can get more vaccines in the arms of Americans now. ”

The two vaccines currently licensed in the United States, developed by Pfizer and Moderna, require recipients to receive booster shots – after three and four weeks, respectively.

By eliminating the requirement to withhold half of the supply in reserve, officials hope to increase the number of people who can be reached quickly.

But delaying the recall would reduce the level of personal protection, and the idea has been rejected by the Food and Drug Administration as well as senior government scientist Anthony Fauci.

The news comes as vaccine deployment falters severely across the country, which has recorded more than 365,000 Covid deaths – around 4,000 as of Thursday alone.

But the main bottleneck right now lies in distribution rather than procurement: the federal government oversaw the shipment of 21.4 million first doses, of which only about 5.9 million were administered. .

The remaining 15.5 million doses are not held up as reminders, but are instead kept in cold rooms in hospitals and clinics that have not yet used them.


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