Beat The Chasers’ Mark Labbett “Eats A Humble Pie” As Shaun Wallace Argument Continues


Mark Labbett apologized to Shaun Wallace for “screwing up” and admitted he “ate a humble pie” while doing so.
Beat The Chaser’s brainbox, 55, has an icy relationship with fellow Chaser on the ITV quiz show, with him going after Shaun for “taking too long” with one of their questions.

The boot was on the other foot Monday night, when it was Mark’s turn to cost the Chasers the victory with a mistake on his part.

The quiz, known as The Beast, stumbled upon a question that ultimately saw contestant Kat win the incredible £ 50,000 jackpot, after beating all five hunters.

Beat The Chasers’ Mark Labbett “Eats A Humble Pie” As Shaun Wallace Pardon For “Messing Up”

That all changed for Kat when she had 20 seconds left on the clock compared to Hunters when she was 14.

Show host Bradley Walsh asked a question, in which Mark buzzed before he finished, hesitating to answer before he got it wrong, much to the dismay of his fellow hunters.

The reluctance came after Mark realized he had jumped too quickly and knew he was wrong before he answered.

Putting his hands to his face, Mark said “sorry” as he looked embarrassed about his misstep, before looking ashamed of his actions for the next time left in the quiz.

Shaun Wallace was not impressed with Mark Labbett’s apology

After Kat celebrated her incredible victory, Mark apologized to his team, saying, “I have to do something that I don’t normally do is eat a huge pie.

“I’m so sorry, especially for Shaun because I pissed him off when he did the same thing last night.

“I’m so sorry, I absolutely screwed up. ”

Shaun didn’t look the happiest despite the apologies and didn’t respond as his relationship with Mark remained freezing.

This followed the argument from the previous show in which Mark was upset that Shaun had jumped in and then hesitates with a response, in a scenario similar to what Mark then did himself.

The big difference was that Shaun then answered the question and the pursuers sawed off the contestant and prevented them from taking the top prize.

The pursuers were beaten after Mark Labbett’s mistake

Despite this, Mark lashed out at Shaun despite his apologies. Mark said, “You can’t do this, Shaun. ”

Bradley asked Shaun why he hesitated, and he replied, “I don’t know, I’d rather take a little time and do it right…”

Mark had none of that and interrupted him, shouting through the other pursuers, “Absolutely not!

“This is not your time to waste, it is a terrible sin. ”

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