Beat The Chasers fans are furious as ‘stolen’ contestant says ‘right’ answer is wrong


Beat the Chasers viewers were left angry in front of their screens as a contestant came so close to winning, but lost at the last minute.
Esnart Membe faced off against Shaun Wallace, Jenny Ryan, Paul Sinha and Mark Labbett and was questioned in order to beat them and win a cash prize.

However, she unfortunately left with nothing after a series of very intense questions.

Show host Bradley Walsh asked one of them who said, “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat Is A Song From What Disney Movie?” ”

Esnart replied, “The Aristocrats,” which viewers believed was the correct answer, but was pronounced wrong – with it clearly meaning The Aristocats.

The movie is called The Aristocats, but despite his best efforts, Esnart didn’t get a point.

Esnart Membe said ‘aristocrats’ instead of ‘aristocats’

Taking to Twitter, fans were furious when they saw Esnart being “robbed” for the “correct” answer, although Bradley said it was a mistake.

“Esnart was robbed of this! She got the right answer BeatTheChasers», We wrote.

Another wrote: “How was his answer wrong? BeatTheChasers she screwed up the aristocats. It was good! ”

The hunters made it difficult

Esnart lost the very last minute

A third commented: “I swear Esnart said The Aristocats? Was that the right answer and she got it wrong? BeatTheChasers »

“Aristocrats / Aristocats… seems a bit harsh, she had the right movie… BeatTheChasersAnother added.

However, other viewers thought it was right that Esnart was wrong.

One person tweeted: “People always argue about the first candidate,” she said, “aristocrats and not aristocats. Totally different. BeatTheChasers.  »

Bradley did not allow the answer

A second added: “FFS! Esnart added “r” to the Aristocats! End of! ”

And a third said, “These are the Aristocats. She said Aristocrat. BeatTheChasers »

* Beat the Chasers is available on ITV Hub.

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