Anthony Joshua reportedly faces Tyson Fury at Wembley but admits fight hinges on Covid-19 pandemic | Boxing News


Anthony Joshua plans to fight Tyson Fury for all world heavyweight titles

Anthony Joshua would “host” a Tyson Fury fight at Wembley Stadium, but admits the location of their world title fight depends on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Joshua and Fury are set to finally share the ring this year in a massive showdown between two British rivals, who currently hold each major world heavyweight belt between them.

Boxing events in Britain are currently on hold in January due to the rise in Covid-19, but Joshua insists he would be ready to face Fury at the national stadium, if fans were allowed to return.

Joshua hopes to fight in front of crowds in the future

Joshua hopes to fight in front of crowds in the future

“I would like to welcome Tyson Fury. I would welcome him all day, ”Joshua said. Sky Sports News.

“It’s great for the kids in the area to come down. It’s like a half hour drive, a couple of hours drive for some of them.

“It’s a great opportunity to have it here too, but the government needs to do good by the people and protect us from this virus. I understand the situation in which the country finds itself. ”

Promoter Eddie Hearn admitted that permission to participate “at full capacity” would be required to organize the home fight.

“Both sides have a responsibility to maximize income for their biggest fight – this is the peak of their careers, the biggest moment, nothing will ever beat it,” Hearn said recently. Sky Sports.

“At the same time, we all recognize that two Brits are fighting for the undisputed world championship. If there is a way to do it in UK? Fantastic. ”

Tyson Fury says he might need just a few turns to defeat Joshua

Tyson Fury says he might need just a few turns to defeat Joshua

Joshua is only focused on becoming the world’s No.1 heavyweight, Sky Sports News: “I think the possibilities of being in this country are due to the pandemic, and how it is formed.

“I feel, to myself, that I’m not too concerned with where he is. I just want to get the fight, because there are so many variables, and so much to watch. Where is it going to be? take the fight? Do I have a mandatory?

“I just stripped it all off now and I stopped doing this stuff. I just said, ‘Just let me fight Tyson Fury wherever he is, whatever the hour.’ ”

Joshua and Fury are negotiating two fights in 2021, though fans may have to wait until early summer for the first successful battle.

Joshua told Fury I’m ready for you now!

Joshua told Fury I’m ready for you now!

“I think maybe June, end of June,” Joshua said.

“It takes a little while because the pandemic is unpredictable down to the minute. We don’t know what’s going on, but with a little more time it gives us more time to prepare and plan.

“Right now I said to the team, let’s get ahead of the curve, let’s start putting things in place now. They are doing a great job.

“I promise you, there are face-to-face conversations and meetings with performances from my team and the Tyson Fury team. ”


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