An investigation opened in France after the disappearance of Diary Sow, a Senegalese student


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                Connue comme «la meilleure élève du Sénégal» et très populaire dans son pays d'origine, Diary Sow n'a plus été vue ni entendue depuis le 4 janvier. Une enquête a été ouverte en France, où Sow est élève au prestigieux lycée Louis-le-Grand de Paris , dans sa disparition troublante.

                                    <p>La jeune femme de 20 ans est en deuxième année à l'école préparatoire d'élite française du centre de Paris.  Elle n'est pas apparue après les vacances de Noël.

“She is a punctual student, very serious, and the alert was quickly triggered. No one had seen her; she was not in her apartment “in a student residence in Paris, Henry Sarr, member of one of the Senegalese students” associations which sounded the alarm on social networks, told AFP.

The Senegalese consul in Paris reported Sow’s disappearance on January 7 and police have opened an investigation into the disturbing disappearance, a source familiar with the matter said.

The consular site has posted a missing person’s notice online with the photo of the young woman, inviting anyone with information to call +33 7 85 93 32 11 or write to [email protected]

Solidarity in Senegal

“Neither his parents, nor his friends, nor his guardian, nor the embassy have had any news,” according to Daouda Mbaye, a member of the Senegalese community in Paris who organized the distribution of leaflets of missing persons to help find Sow in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. , where she lives.

The Senegalese press has been reporting Sow’s disappearance for days and some Senegalese have taken to posting his photo as their avatar on the Whatsapp instant messaging platform.

Diary Sow was named “best student of Senegal” in 2018 and 2019. She is the author of a novel, “Le Visage d’un Ange”, published last year.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)



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