3 takeaways from the demolition of Wisconsin


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The hell that is Michigan basketball went through one of the top ten opponents and cannot be slowed down by anyone at that point.

From the start, the Wolverines had the intensity and enthusiasm to compete against a top 10 rival.

They stabilized the ship early on and it paid off for them in the long run with an avalanche of good vibes that went out there in this one. It was never much of a close encounter to speak of and this is due to the way Michigan basketball continually runs its business once again.

To end the half, the defense closed the door in Wisconsin not to put the ball in the basket. It continued like this for about 13 plus minutes of playing time and well into the second half.

The Wolverines had a run that lasted longer than anyone can realistically imagine until the Badgers finally made a bucket.

At one point, Michigan basketball totaled a 43-6 run. It has to be one of the biggest pushes anyone can say they’ve ever seen watching Michigan hoops in as long as one can remember.

This team is on a course comparable to what the 2013 team drove to the national title game. They are showing the world that they have what it takes to compete not only for the Big Ten, but nationally as well. The sky is the limit as long as they stay invested in taking it one step at a time and finally being the last group standing when April arrives.


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