2020 PFT NFL MVP: Aaron Rodgers


Getty Images

What does it mean to be the MVP in a sports league? Is he the best player? The most valuable player in the league? The most valuable player for his team?

No one really knows. In most cases, MVP ultimately becomes Potter Stewart-style analysis, and you just know that when you see it.

This year, we know it when we see that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the MVP.

Rodgers responded to a real / perceived dissent on the draft, when the Packers packed a fourth-round pick with their first-round pick to go up and take quarterback Jordan Love. Rodgers was not happy; his unofficial substitute, Brett Favre (ironically), made Rodgers’ dismay known. Rodgers himself later admitted that the news had prompted him to sip several fingers of tequila.

But instead of becoming a problem, instead of sulking, instead of brooding, he got attached and kicked the ass.

For the season, Rodgers threw 48 touchdown passes against five interceptions. Rodgers had more touchdown passes than the Packers had punts. He completed more than 70% of his passes, generating a 121.5 passer score. The Packers finished with the No.1 seed in the NFC, two wins at Lambeau Field far from their first Super Bowl spot in a decade.

Rodgers was, the year he turned 37, as good as ever – if not better.

Other participants in the conversation were Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Titans half-back Derrick Henry. This year, however, was the year of Rodgers. With Love on the roster looming over Rodgers’ shoulder, next year could be too.


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