10 tough questions WWE needs to ask in 2021


WWE is not aware of itself.
Self-aware businesses don’t consider 11 consecutive years of TV viewing dropping at a higher rate than the cable average and decide that the best solution isn’t to fix their broken systems, but they don’t recognize not even the decades-old habits that perpetuate the death spiral.

They don’t bring the top executives into the ring, appease the audience by telling them they’re in charge now, and then change absolutely nothing. The withdrawal of “gendarme” Corbin from power do not start a revolution.

And they’re certainly not plunging Goldberg, 54, back into a world title feud 11 months after a universally vilified dismemberment of “The Fiend.”

WWE, like its president, is a stubborn old mule allergic to change. February’s year-end financial reports will show record profits despite the ongoing global health crisis that will make matters worse. Although WWE is less popular than it has been since it took effect nationally, inflated television rights and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have made it richer than ever. Why would have They change?

Because “WCW of the Last Days” is no longer a point of comparison for “Modern WWE”: it is a synonym.

The questions inside highlight the fundamental issues plaguing WWE today. Maybe 2021 will be the year WWE finally develops enough self-awareness to look in the mirror and find the answers …


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