You can still get free Stadia gear when you buy Cyberpunk 2077


It’s a different kind of Cyber ​​week. Cyber ​​Monday is a thing of the past, but the expected Cyberpunk 2077 the game is finally launched, and it’s almost impossible to avoid seeing the buzz about it online. One of the best deals this week is for people who don’t have a beastly gaming console or PC. The game is available on Google Stadia, and while supplies last, Google is offering a free hardware bundle worth $ 100 to people who purchase Cyberpunk 2077 on its cloud game streaming platform. Find details on this and a few other offers below.

Get Stadia gear with the purchase of Cyberpunk 2077

A few Edge writers have found that playing Cyberpunk 2077 is actually a fantastic experience on Stadia, Google’s online game streaming service that doesn’t require an expensive console or PC – just a controller, a Gmail account, and a solid internet connection. While supplies last, people who purchase the game for $ 59.99 through Stadia will receive a free Premiere kit, containing a Stadia controller and a 4K HDR compatible Chromecast Ultra, what you need to play games from your desktop. TV. It’s worth $ 100.

Cyberpunk 2077 (Stadia)

Price taken at time of publication.

Purchase the game on Stadia before December 17 (or while supplies last) to get a free Stadia Premiere kit (usually $ 100) that contains the Stadia Controller and a Chromecast Ultra. Current Stadia Pro subscribers can save $ 10 on their first game purchase.

Get six months of HBO Max for 20% off

A promotional photo of Wonder Woman 1984

Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. recently announced that all of its 2021 movies will air on HBO Max, for 30 days, concurrent with their theatrical release. If that sounds good to you, there’s a deal going on that will save you 20% when you prepay for six months of service. The $ 14.99 per month service would normally cost $ 90 after six months, but you can get it for $ 70.

Even if you’re only there for the movies, the price is working in your favor over the movies. However, please note that this payment is not refundable.

Get a great VR headset for $ 100 off

Oculus has reduced the price of its Rift S virtual reality headset by $ 100, or $ 299. This is the biggest price cut to date and could be one of the last opportunities to get it back as it is technically halted.

Oculus Rift S

Price taken at time of publication.

The successor to the original Rift has tracking capabilities built into the headset, eliminating the need for exterior tracking sensors. Its cable measures five meters and the headset includes two Oculus Touch controllers.


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