Woman freezes in fear after ‘stalker’ enters her home halfway to her TikTok

A young woman captured the “scariest moment of her life” by coming face to face with a “stalker” who broke into her home.

Hannah Viverette was filming herself dancing for a TikTok video in her apartment, when she suddenly froze in fear.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “I heard the door to my second floor balcony start to open.

“Surprised, I immediately moved to the door to close it, only to realize there was a man behind the force.

She recognized the intruder as she saw him around his apartment complex in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Frightening moment Hannah Viverette realized an intruder had entered her home
(Image: Facebook | Hannah Viverette)

His looks had made her uncomfortable before, but she dismissed him as “just a creep.”

Ms. Viverette said: “It was when I found myself facing him on my doorstep that I knew he was there to hurt me.

“He kept his hands in the pockets of his hoodie with a smirk on his face.

“He mumbled something in Spanish, then took a step forward and I heard” friends? ” … ” Are you sure? “…”

Hannah Viverette filmed the terrifying moment this man walked into her home
(Image: Facebook | Hannah Viverette)

In the terrifying video, which Ms. Viverette also posted on TikTok, she questions the man – “who are you?”

She then backs out of her house begging him to “please come out”.

The man walks closer asking, “Am I your friend?” ”

“No, come out please,” she replies.

She managed to take a quick picture of the intruder on her phone.

He can be seen wearing a bright orange top as he continues to gaze through the balcony door before finally leaving.

Fortunately, Ms. Viverette fled to her neighbor’s apartment, where she said she called 911.

Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez was arrested and then released on bail in connection with the incident. Pic: Hagerstown Police Department
(Image: Hagerstown Police Department)

A statement from the Hagerstown Police Department confirmed that Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez, 36, had been arrested on charges of third and fourth degree burglary, second degree assault, criminal harassment and malicious destruction of property.

He has since been released on bail until his court date – which has yet to be decided.

Ms Viverette said she feared Rodriguez-Gomez – who lives in the same area as her – could be released on bail.

She posted the video on Tik Tok, with the caption “As you check in dancing and your stalker comes up to your second floor balcony to break in.”

She also posted a status on Facebook.

Hannah Viverette was dancing at the house when the intruder entered.jpg
(Image: Facebook | Hannah Viverette)

Ms Viverette wrote: “If anyone knows SOMETHING about this man or if he has ever felt / been uncomfortable / harassed, assaulted in any way by him, PLEASE TALK!

“I refuse to live in fear and I refuse to let him continue to do this to me or to anyone.”

The Hagerstown Police Department has since asked social media users to follow legal process.

However, the post went viral and was shared on Twitter, with one user captioning the video: “It broke my heart, where is it safe to be a woman? ”

This message alone has been viewed 1 million times.

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