Will the Queen meet a member of her family outside on Christmas? How royal festive traditions change over time


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Over the past few years, there has been a lot of anticipation leading up to Christmas about how the royals would come together to mark the holiday season.

Amid breakup rumors involving Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, public appearances at Christmas became an opportunity to try and uncover the true nature of royal relations . Perhaps a glance to the side on a walk to church would indicate who was getting along – or not – with whom?

Such glimpses might not come close to revealing much, but the interest was there.

He’s still here, even in this year shattered by the coronavirus pandemic, with the recommended abandonment of large family reunions – royal or not – during the holidays.

Queen Elizabeth has decided that she and Prince Philip will quietly celebrate Christmas at Windsor Castle – where they have lived in virtual isolation during most of the pandemic – rather than at the large family reunion that took place over Christmas in his estate in Sandringham in north-east London for more than three decades.

New, stricter pandemic restrictions announced on Saturday that cover the area around Windsor could mean new changes to any plans some royals may have had for Christmas Day.

“Under these restrictions, people can meet someone from another household outside, and it will be of interest to know if any of the Queen’s children or grandchildren meet her outside of the home. Windsor Castle at Christmas in accordance with these requirements, ”said Carolyn Harris, a Toronto-based Royal Historian and author.

Kate, left, William, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, keep their physical distance as they thank volunteers and key workers at Windsor Castle on December 8. (Richard Pohle / Getty Images)

There has already been noticeable interest in another outdoor – and physically distant – reunion before Christmas of some senior family members at Windsor Castle.

The Queen stood outside, well away from William and Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, thanking the volunteers and workers of local charities.

This is not the first time the Royal Family has changed their actions to suit the world around them.

“In times of crisis, the Royal Family adjusts their own routines to reflect conditions experienced by the general public,” Harris said.

During World War II, food was rationed at Buckingham Palace, even on formal occasions, when more modest meals were served to visitors – albeit always in fine china.

The announcement earlier this month of the Queen’s decision to quietly mark Christmas at Windsor Castle “shows just how … clear the palace [is] understanding of the nation, or in particular the Queen, is in its 95th year, “said UK public relations expert Mark Borkowski, adding that this announcement still reflected his ability to do” the right thing to the right at the right time and in the right way. ”

William and Kate walk with their children Prince Louis, left, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, on the red carpet – their first appearance as a family – to attend a special performance of pantomime in London on December 11 to thank key workers and their families for their efforts throughout the pandemic. (Aaron Chown / Getty Images)

Harris said public interest in the Royal Christmas celebrations reflected interest in royal weddings and births – these are milestones that average people are also familiar with and which could provide “a glimpse into more personal moments.”

It was seen this year, she said, when William and Kate took their children to see a Christmas pantomime, and the public was curious about how Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis reacted. to the performance and how their parents explained the jokes to them.

Watch how the royal family celebrates Christmas dates back generations.

Some of the traditions they followed later found favor with the general public, especially during Queen Victoria’s reign in the 19th century when her husband, Prince Albert, brought his own traditions from Germany, especially the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees had been used on previous Royal Christmases, but the unprecedented expansion of mass media during this era helped spread the word about what the Royal Family was doing during the holiday season.

William and Kate sit with Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte during the pantomime performance. (Aaron Chown / Getty Images)

“An image in the London Illustrated News of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, their children and Queen Victoria’s mother gathered around the Christmas tree provided a famous image of the Royal Christmas, which was widely admired and imitated, ”Harris said.

In this case, there was also some royal image management going on in an attempt to counter the public perception of the monarchy at the time.

Ready for his shot

Prince Charles, wearing a face mask to protect himself against the coronavirus, arrives Thursday to meet with workers at a vaccination center at the Royal Gloucestershire Hospital in Gloucestershire, England. (Chris Jackson / The Associated Press)

Prince Charles, who had COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic, says he will get the coronavirus vaccine.

But he doesn’t expect his shot to come anytime soon.

His comments came on Thursday as he and Camilla were visiting a vaccination center in the west of England and meeting with frontline health workers administering the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Charles speaks with frontline workers who administer and receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday. (Chris Jackson / The Associated Press)

“I think I’ll have to wait for the AstraZeneca before I move on. I’m at the bottom of the list, ”Charles said. according to an ITV report.

Speculation has revolved around whether or when her mother, the Queen, might also receive a coronavirus vaccine, with comments from the palace widely reporting that she might let know once she and Prince Philip have received the shot.

Flash back over six decades to a time when the UK government wanted members of the public to take another vaccine, and Elizabeth let it be known that Charles and his sister Anne were given vaccines to protect them against polio.

“As a result, the public mood about the vaccine thawed and millions more continued to take the drug, which the National Health Service says has helped cases ‘drop dramatically.’ . Daily Express reported recently.

No formality here

Zara and Mike Tindall attend the 2019 Magic Millions Official Draw at Surfers Paradise Foreshore on January 8, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

When the time comes to declare that another royal baby is on the way, the general modus operandi is an official announcement from Buckingham Palace.

So it caught people’s attention and made headlines the other day when Mike Tindall, the husband of Queen Zara Tindall’s granddaughter, announced via his sports podcast that they were expecting another child.

“Had a little scan last week, third Tindall on the way,” the former rugby player told 150,000 weekly listeners. The good, the bad and the rugby Podcast.

“Z is very good… obviously always careful because of things that have happened in the past. But so far, all is well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. I would like a boy this time. I have two daughters, I would like a boy. I would love it if it was a boy or a girl, but please be a boy, “he said raising his crossed fingers and waving. in the podcast video.

“What Happened in the Past” refers to two miscarriages Zara suffered between the birth of their eldest daughter Mia, 6, and their youngest daughter, Lena, 2.

Zara Tindall and her daughter Mia Tindall pose with Mike Tindall after completing a quadrathlon on July 11, 2015 in Aberfeldy, Scotland. (Nigel Roddis / Getty Images)

According to The Telegraph, the ad was completely compliant with the couple’s laid-back, down-to-earth manners, and their “reputation as the most reliable couple in the royal family”.

The baby will be the Queen’s 10th great-grandchild and the second royal birth due in 2021. Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, are also expecting a child in the New Year.

Royally quotable

“You just disappeared, all of you. ”

– Reine Elizabeth takes a technical problem in stride during a virtual meeting with the staff of the accounting giant KPMG, on the occasion of its 150th anniversary. The pandemic has led to many online firsts for the Queen as she performs duties from a distance. Last week she led his first diplomatic hearing via video call.

Queen Elizabeth chats with, top row left, Cheryl Valentine and John McCalla-Leacy, and bottom row left, David McIntosh, Bill Michael and Jennifer Lee, during a virtual tour with KPMG staff for mark the company’s 150th anniversary. (Royal Communications / The Associated Press)

Royal bed

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  4. Christmas means Christmas cards, often including a happy family photo from the past year. For their festive 2020 send off, Charles and Camilla are relaxing in their backyard at their home in Scotland, while William and Kate are all smiles with their children in their country house in North East London. [BBC]

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