White House security official recovers but struggles with serious Covid-19 case


The director of security – whose office oversees the approval of credentials for access to the White House, among other security measures – was recently released from hospital after battling the virus, according to a friend with knowledge of his. health, who added that the employee’s lower leg and foot were amputated as a result of his illness.

The risks of amputation related to Covid-19 are increased due to underlying conditions such as diabetes or complications such as blood clotting.

“He’s recovering, from what I understand. We are very happy to see this, but he and his family will be in our prayers, ”said McEnany, who added that she was“ not sure ”if President Donald Trump had spoken to the official. , who has not spoken publicly, has not returned calls for comment and whose family has requested confidentiality.

The case of the director of security is one of the most serious cases in reaching the public of a White House employee who has contracted Covid-19. He entered the hospital in September and spent much of his time there in the intensive care unit, according to a GoFundMe page created by one of his friends to raise funds for his recovery.

Dawn McCrobie, who organized the fundraising campaign and wrote three updates on her friend’s condition, wrote on the page that he had “staggering medical bills”, and although he was recently released from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, the road is long. in front of.

“Even with insurance, THREE months in intensive care, lots of specialists, surgeons, medications, 24 hour care – the expense is astronomical – and there is still therapy, equipment, renovations and more. McCrobie said on the GoFundMe page last week. He will be fitted with a prosthetic leg and will need help securing methods of mobility, including a wheelchair and a vehicle that can be equipped to accommodate him. McCrobie also mentioned the importance of completing renovations for her friend’s life at home after Covid, once he is able to return from the rehab facility.

McCrobie did not respond to a CNN request for comment.

GoFundMe’s update notes the human desire for privacy. He has not publicly commented on his journey from the White House official to contracting the disease and his struggle to be well enough to leave the hospital, now with an amputee. The GoFundMe account has called on donors to help reach a goal of $ 50,000 to support human recovery efforts; Tuesday afternoon, more than 750 donors had raised more than $ 56,000.


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