White House avoids questions about Republican leaders admitting Biden beat Trump


“The president is still involved in ongoing litigation” related to the presidential election, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Tuesday.

The White House seemed caught off guard by a dramatic moment earlier in the Senate, when the majority leader declared the 2020 election over.
“The Electoral College has spoken,” McConnell said. “So today I want to congratulate Joe Biden. The elected president is no stranger to the Senate. He devoted himself to public service for many years. I also want to congratulate the Vice President and our colleague from California, Senator [Kamala] Harris. «
This marked the end of the majority leader’s support for the legal challenges of the incumbent president of the 2020 race, which appears to be Mr. Trump’s only goal since Mr. Biden was cast as the winner on November 9.
Asked specifically about Mr. McConnell’s comments, the outgoing White House spokesman said, “I’ll leave that to him.”
“I didn’t get the president’s reaction to this,” she added.
Mr McConnell’s report that he thinks the election has been decided came before he and other GOP members told their caucus on their weekly conference call to avoid objecting to the results of the GOP. electoral college when the joint session of Congress meets on January 6 to assess them.
At least one Conservative House Republican, Mo Brooks of Alabama, said he intended to challenge the result, a 306-232 victory over Mr. Biden codified Monday. (It takes 270 votes to become president-elect.)
But Mr McConnell and his top MPs have reportedly begged GOP senators to leave Mr Brooks out in the cold, saying requiring other senators to vote against the challenge would make them anti-Trump. And with 20 GOP senators set for re-election in 2022, that would be a problem with the conservative base over which the president still has sufficient power.
Other senior GOP senators, including former whip John Cornyn, now whip John Thune, and McConnell consiglier Roy Blunt told reporters on Monday that the constituency vote should mark the end of the election.
But Mr. Trump and his team promise to keep fighting.
“Huge evidence is pouring in on voter fraud. There has never been anything like it in our country! Mr. Trump wrote at 10:41 a.m. ET, about half an hour after Mr. McConnell broke up with him on live television.


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