“We must regain agrifood sovereignty”


France wants to increase by 40% the area of ​​land dedicated to the cultivation of plant species rich in protein by 2022 thanks to its new national protein strategy, the Minister of Agriculture and Agriculture said yesterday. Food Julien Denormandie.
Currently, nearly a million hectares of French farmland are devoted to crops such as soybeans, peas, legumes, alfalfa and legumes. The French government wants to add 400,000 additional hectares in two years. By 2030, “the surface [area] will be doubled to reach 8% of the useful agricultural area, or 2 million hectares, ”the strategy specifies.

Denormandie revealed that this will be supported by a dedicated budget of 100 million euros as part of the “France Relance” plan, a roadmap towards “social, economic and ecological overhaul” which will see 1.2 billion euros spent to “build the France of 2030” ”. The money will be spent on organizing the downstream sector, research and development, purchasing seeds and promoting the consumption of pulses at the buyer level.

For sovereignty and sustainability

Denormandie said the plan, the result of a year-long consultation process, reflects the need to promote French agribusiness independence.

“France is the leading agricultural power in Europe and yet our dependence on imports remains too high. My priority is clear: we must… regain agro-food sovereignty, and this cannot be done without the development of French production of plant proteins ”.He commented.

Denormandie suggested that France is not “sufficiently autonomous” in the production of vegetable proteins. For example, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the country produces half of the protein-rich material needed for animal feed.


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