Vince McMahon Livid on Keith Lee’s Bad Wrestling Skills, Others


In a movement that turns everything we thought we knew Vince McMahon, the WWE Chief Executive Officer is said to have claimed nearly every ‘big man’ on WWE’s Master List, including the beloved Internet sweetheart Keith Lee, go back to wrestling class to learn how to offer a better work rate. Dave Meltzer reported news like this in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer newsletter:

Vince McMahon threw a fit on the work ability of some of the main roster guys, especially crazy some of the big guys. He ordered some of the guys to go back to the Performance Center with two classes a week with Adam Pearce and Drew Gulak as instructors.

And at PWInsider, Mike Johnson spilled beans on names: can confirm that Otis, Keith Lee, Dabbo Kato, Dio Maddin and the bodyguard of AJ Styles Omos are part of the contingent the company has worked with to improve and refine their work in the ring with these participating talents. to regular training. at WWE Performance Center Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Keith Lee appears on WWE’s The Bump podcast.

Many fans will find this report shocking for two reasons. Firstly, because Keith Lee is widely regarded as one of WWE’s best wrestlers and no one has ever questioned his ability to work. Second, because Vince McMahon has spent four decades convincing everyone that he seems to prefer tall, beefy men with no wrestling ability to high-working internet darlings.

Of course, Vince McMahon’s idea of ​​”working” is probably different from fighting smarks. Maybe Vince feels like Lee doesn’t know how to work because he doesn’t wrestle like Vince thinks a fat guy should … but then why Otis, who most certainly wrestles the fat guy style of WWE, figures also on the list? Vince McMahon is surely a riddle shrouded in mystery, but don’t call him a riddle burrito. He wouldn’t know what it was.

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