Village of Shalom Ordered to Improve Infection Control to Stop the Spread of COVID


Shalom Village has been ordered to allow St. Joseph’s Healthcare to monitor, investigate and respond to a rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak.

It is the sixth home in a month to receive infection control orders issued by public health as the virus makes devastating its way into Hamilton’s homes for the elderly. Five of the outbreaks are still in the epidemic phase and together represent 444 cases.

Premier Doug Ford said on Tuesday that staff vaccinations and weekly tests were essential to prevent the long-term care virus.

“If you have a leak in the roof, you have to fix the leak,” he says. “One of the leaks is when people bring the virus into these long-term care homes. This is one of the critical and critical areas. “

Hamilton’s high number of active cases – at 779 on Tuesday – is a major risk for the city’s retirement homes.

“What you do individually matters a lot,” Mayor Fred Eisenberger told the audience during a briefing on Monday. “We need everyone to get ahold of this if we are to reduce these numbers.”

Nearly half of the 56 new infections in Hamilton reported on Tuesday were at Shalom Village, a nursing home north of King Street West in Westdale. The cases reported by the city increased from 24 at the senior citizen’s residence to hit 72 infections.

On Tuesday, the city reported that an elderly person had died in the outbreak – a man in the mid-1980s who died on December 13. But Acting CEO Larry Levin told Maria Iqbal of The Spectator that four residents with COVID had died. the last two days.

Levin also said the number of cases was actually 77 at home.

In addition, on Tuesday, public health reported the ninth death in two outbreaks at Villa Saint-Joseph de Dundas – a woman in the early 1990s died on December 11. The current epidemic has 49 cases.

Hamilton’s official toll now stands at 121, or 3% of cases.

On Monday, Eisenberger pleaded with local residents to beware, saying the elderly have died, “not because of old age, not because they are in a long-term care facility, but because they contracted. COVID… catch this virus and this virus ends their lives… It is very important that we all come together and do better. “

As the daily number of new cases fell significantly on Tuesday from the 150 new infections, a record high, a key metric used to decide the lockdown is climbing in Hamilton.

The weekly rate of new COVID cases per 100,000 inhabitants is now 114.8 compared to 104 only on Monday and around 50 at the end of November. It was as low as 24.7 in mid-October.

“The numbers are not going in the right direction in this community,” Paul Johnson, director of the city’s emergency operations center, said Monday.

“We are constantly focusing on how we can stop the spread of this virus in this community,” he said. “It finds its way into the gathering places, it finds its way into so many people in our community (who are) who are getting sick… and that puts pressure on all kinds of things in the city of Hamilton, including understood our own audience. health services. “

The pressure on public health is evident with more than a third of the cases currently under investigation.

“It has certainly been a major challenge for us and there is a lot of pressure on us to do contact tracing and case management,” Hamilton Medical Officer of Health Dr. Elizabeth Richardson said Monday.



In total, the city has 23 ongoing outbreaks, including 15 in retirement homes.

The biggest outbreak is in Grace Villa on the Eastern Mountain and it continues to spread, with 177 now infected.

Chartwell Willowgrove in Ancaster has reached 100 cases.

The two houses share the title of the deadliest epidemic in Hamilton with 18 deaths each.

They also both had infection control issues – Chartwell on November 17 and Grace Villa on November 28.

The number of cases at Baywoods Place continues to climb and is now at 46 at the long-term care home on Main Street East in Victoria Avenue South. He had an order issued on November 23.

Villa Saint-Joseph received an ordinance on November 27 and now the village of Shalom on December 14.

The Shalom village order includes the immediate development and implementation of infection prevention and control measures, the purchase of recommended equipment, supplies, services and tools, and the follow-up to guidelines from St Joseph’s Healthcare.

One of the reasons given to justify the order was that Shalom Village “has demonstrated practices that are not consistent with best practices in infection prevention and control.”

Other large outbreaks in Hamilton senior citizens’ homes include 24 cases in Idlewyld Manor on West Mountain and 23 in the village of Wentworth Heights on Central Mountain.

In Burlington, a resident has died in an outbreak at Chartwell Lakeshore, which has 26 cases at the nursing home.

Three schools and a daycare center are thriving in Hamilton, including Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary School, Dr. JE Davey Elementary School, Lawfield Elementary School and La Garderie le Petit Navire.

Ontario surpassed 2,000 new daily cases for the first time Tuesday, reporting 2,275 infections.


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