Vaccination cards will be issued to all who receive the Covid-19 vaccine, health officials say


Vaccination cards will be used as the ‘easiest’ way to track Covid-19 injections, said Dr Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, which supports frontline workers who will administer the Covid-19 vaccines.

“Everyone will get a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” Moore said. “Let’s make it simple and easy first. Everyone will succeed. ”

Immunization clinics will also report to their national immunization registers what vaccine was administered, so that, for example, an entity can initiate a query if it does not know where a patient received a first dose.

Moore said many places are planning to require patients to voluntarily provide a cell phone number, so they can receive a text message telling them when and where their next dose is due.

Each administered dose will be reported to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Claire Hannan, executive director of the Association of Immunization Managers.

The CDC did not immediately respond to CNN’s request as to whether such a database would include a record of all those vaccinated.

As for the vaccine kits, the DoD image shows that the kits include a card, needle and syringe, alcohol wipes, and a mask. Operation Warp Speed ​​has 100 million vaccine kits ready for use if and when the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine begins, said General Gustave Perna, chief operating officer of Warp Speed ​​last month. .

The footage comes as two companies – Pfizer and Moderna – await Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) in the United States. A panel with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to discuss whether to authorize the USA on December 10 and 17.
If Pfizer and Moderna get clearance, the first vaccine shipments could take place on December 15 and 22, respectively, according to a federal government Operation Warp Speed ​​document.
Initial supplies in the United States will be limited and the general population will not have access to vaccines for months into 2021. A CDC panel on Tuesday recommended that healthcare and long-term care workers be vaccinated first. .

By February, 100 million Americans could be vaccinated against the coronavirus, Moncef Slaoui, chief advisor of Operation Warp Speed, said on Wednesday.

The United States has said that if Pfizer and Moderna get emergency use clearance from the FDA in December, they could distribute 40 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the month. Each vaccine requires two doses, so this is enough to fully immunize 20 million people.

CNN’s Maggie Fox, Jason Hanna and Madeline Holcombe contributed to this report.

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