Underage children in Cameroon, Egyptian Nubians fight for their land, Greek priests break Covid-19 rules


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                Dans notre émission "Correspondance", nous explorons comment le monde fait face aux rebondissements de 2020, au milieu des conséquences de Covid-19 et au-delà.  FRANCE 24 vous propose une sélection de reportages originaux de nos correspondants et équipes du monde entier.

                                    <p>Nos rapports:

In Cameroon, child labor is officially prohibited, but in the east of the country, thousands of children end up working in illegal gold mines, sacrificing their health and education.

EgyptThe Nubians are distant descendants of the last pharaohs. Today, they are fighting to regain their ancestral land, which was confiscated 50 years ago to build the Aswan High Dam.

Greece is on lockdown, but some Orthodox priests are breaking the rules by organizing services without social distancing or face masks. Their attitude is now arousing widespread anger among the Greek public.

In France, the first lockdown lasted two months, leaving many elderly people in isolation. Visits to nursing homes were banned and many retirees living alone had no one to talk to. The ordeal took a heavy toll on their mental health.

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