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    FTSE Russell, une branche de la Bourse de Londres, a annoncé son intention de supprimer les actions de huit entreprises chinoises de certains produits peu de temps après que Washington les ait ajoutées à une liste noire d'entreprises ayant des liens militaires présumés avec la Chine.

</p><div><p>Le fournisseur d'indices international supprimera les actions des huit entreprises de sa série d'indices FTSE Global Equity (GEIS), de ses indices FTSE China A Inclusion et des indices associés à compter du 21 décembre après la revue trimestrielle de l'indice.
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        <span class="read-more-big__title">Les États-Unis mettent sur liste noire le fabricant chinois de puces SMIC et le producteur de pétrole CNOOC pour des liens militaires présumés</span>
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The list of affected companies includes China Communications Construction Company, China Spacesat, China Nuclear Engineering & Construction Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision, CRRC, Dawning Information (Sugon), China National Chemical Engineering Group and China Railway Construction, according to a statement from the London Stock Group of ‘exchange.

A combined market cap of the blacklisted companies stands at $ 143.1 billion, according to Bloomberg data, compiled as of the close of trading on Friday.

“Sanctioned companies will only be considered for reinstatement in the FTSE Russell Standard Indices after a period of 12 months from the date of removal of sanctions”, said the group.

The move comes days after the US administration introduced a phased ban on 35 Chinese companies and ordered to restrict the buying and selling of their shares due to alleged ties to the Chinese military sector.

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According to FTSE Russell, the additional components will be removed as soon as they are added to U.S. sanctions lists by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a branch of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Earlier, competing index providers MSCI and Nasdaq announced their intention to assess whether to abandon the sanctioned companies, noting that their products “Reflect the necessary changes” according to US law.

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