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“The only person I would walk through an airport for is you!” “


First, on Ruisseau Schitt, the last thing the whole cast filmed on their sound stages was Patrick and David’s wedding, so a lot of tears in the scene are real because everyone was getting ready to say goodbye.

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Dan said there was this “melancholy magic in the air”.


And the last moment on Ruisseau Schitt what Annie Murphy, Dan Levy and Catherine O’Hara filmed is when David, Alexis, Patrick and Stevie say goodbye to Moira and Johnny outside the motel.

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Annie said, “These tears are not fake tears; these are very real tears. I think you can just see Annie Murphy and Dan Levy, and it’s not David and Alexis. It’s the two of us who really cry. ”


The last scene Sian Clifford filmed for Chip bag It was when Claire, before going after Klare, told Fleabag that she would only walk through an airport for herself.


When Will Smith looks back on the last week of filming The prince of Bel-Air, he says it’s “a blur in his mind.” He explained that he “still lives in the future” and really tried to avoid the pain of saying goodbye to the show.

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Will explained at the HBO Max reunion that it was a “deeply painful goodbye.”


And DJ Jazzy Jeff was so moved to say goodbye to The prince of Bel-Air that he didn’t even stay to say goodbye to the whole cast; he just got in the car and drove home.


During the HBO Max reunion special, DJ Jazzy Jeff explained, “I slowly left the set, I went to my dressing room, I grabbed my bag, I got in the car, I went to the room. ‘airport and I went home. I couldn’t do it. . ”


Anya Taylor-Joy cried during “every take” while filming the last moment of The queen’s gambit, when Beth is playing chess in the Russian park. She said she was just “so happy” for Beth at the time.


She went on to say, “I think it’s fair, it’s the first time she’s been able to say ‘You know what? I deserve to take advantage of this. Leave me alone for a second. I have worked my whole life for this moment. I need a second. Let me live. ”


The moment that made David Schwimmer cry the loudest on the last day of friends It was when they all kissed before filming their very last scene.


David explained that before each recording, the main six – David, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc – would do a group hug, so when they last did it, that l made it super emotional. .


Sure Breaking Bad, the last thing the cast actually filmed were the flashback scenes seen at the start of “Ozymandias”. These scenes were the last because Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had to shave and they didn’t want them to wear wigs / fake beards in the last episode.


Co-executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett explained on the last day of filming: “It was such a relief for everyone to come full circle and step back in time. The series has been so heavy and dark, and there have been so few moments of lightness, that going back to the days of the First Cook and revisiting their old dynamic… made a bittersweet day so happily nostalgic. ”


Sure Supernatural, after Misha Collins wrapped up her extremely emotional last day on set, the cast all took a flight to a convention, and one of the plane’s engines literally blew up and they had to return to Vancouver.

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It was so scary that Misha and some of the cast members texted their loved ones because they weren’t sure they were going to survive. All of this also happened just before production was shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Sure The right place, the last scene Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper filmed was on the bridge in Paris when Chidi tells Eleanor he is ready to leave Good Place.


Michael Schur actually turned the camera on, and Kristen and William were just sobbing together before stepping out of the frame and yelling, “We’re done! Forever! ”


After every actor is done filming The Vampire Diaries, creator Julie Plec would give a “eulogy” for each of them, which detailed how important they were to the series and their characters’ impact on the story.


When Paul Wesley finished filming his last scene on The Vampire Diaries, someone sprayed a silly string straight into his eye after screaming cut.

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Paul said, “My final scene, I finished my scene. I had my eyes closed and someone sprayed [silly string] in my face. Literally, a straight shot in my face, and I was like “Baahhh”. I was doing this emotional scene, crying or whatever, and then all of a sudden I [silly string] in my eyes. I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ It was really fun. ”


Sure Grey’s Anatomy, when Meredith tells Cristina her career is just beginning, it was actually the last scene Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo filmed together. They just held each other and started to cry after filming the scene.


Sandra explained what it was like filming the scene: “I can’t say what it was like for her to shoot this, but at the very end I remember feeling our chests kissing. I hold her and I hear that she tears. I held her and felt like we were one body. ”


Sure Office, creator Greg Daniels wanted the whole cast to “get carried away,” so the last scene they filmed was a huge group scene with everyone.


Angela Kinsey explained, “We had this great group scene and we were all together, and they said, ‘This is a series about the cast of Office. ‘ »


As well, Office The showrunners kept Steve Carell’s comeback in the series finale a huge secret and didn’t even show his scenes to NBC executives – so they made Creed read Michael’s lines while reading the final table.


The last scene ever filmed for Orange is the new black It was when Taystee called Judy King to tell her about the Poussey Washington Fund.


Also, the version of “Seasons” – Danielle’s song that was inspired by Orange is the new black – which plays during the closing credits was recorded when Danielle sang it to everyone on set on the last day of filming.


The audience for the final live recording of The Big Bang Theory was filled with former cast members, crew, cast friends and family, and loyal fans. Fun fact: Kaley Cuoco’s dad attended all 279 recordings.


Also, during The Big Bang Theory series finale, the audience started screaming and clapping so loud after Penny hinted she was pregnant they had to film another take “for safety”.


The audience was panting and clapping so loud that you could barely hear the rest of the scene between Leonard and Penny, so they had to film it once more.


Sure Agents du SHIELD, the very last shot in the series was a scene between Coulson and May, and Chloe Bennet was actually looking behind the camera while Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen filmed this final moment.

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Jed Whedon recalled the moment: “On the last day we went to see the last shot, and Chloe Bennet sat down with tears in her eyes. ”


And finally, on The iron Throne, the last scene Emilia Clarke filmed was actually when Daenerys and Jon are talking in the middle of a battle at Winterfell.

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