Trying to Intentionally Get COVID-19 a Bad Idea Says IHA Chief Medical Officer of Health | Radio NL


With reports that a family in Revelstoke were looking for someone to infect them with COVID-19, the chief medical officer of internal health said trying to get sick intentionally to boost natural immunity is a bad idea .

Dr Albert de Villiers says there are a number of issues with this line of thinking, including the fact that health officials don’t know how some people will react to the virus.

“I mean, it’s true that most people will have a relatively mild form of the disease, they might be away for a day or two or three, but there are people – and even relatively good people. health that can develop complications, ”he says. .

“People of all ages in Canada have died. There was one in the media – I think last week or the weekend – where a child under 10 died in Manitoba, so I don’t think we want to put anybody in unnecessary danger. , so this is definitely not a good idea.

The now deleted post appeared on a Craigslist-style classified ad website, The Stoke.

“We are a healthy family and we would like to safely expose ourselves to the virus, to help build our natural immunity,” the ad says. “We can accommodate you for a night or as long as it takes, and will provide you with all your meals.”

He went on to say that the family in question had failed to attempt to contract the virus.

“Do you have any suggestions on the easiest way to spread the virus? We failed to transmit with our first guest COVID-19, ”the message notes. ” [We] suppose we will have to use saliva directly… but hoping not to go that route.

Revelstoke is dealing with a cluster of cases that, as of yesterday’s last update, had seen 46 cases which the Prime Minister says are linked to non-essential leisure travel. Dr de Villiers said that there was not a specific incident that led to the cluster.

“And although you might have [COVID] moderately as a person, if you come into contact with someone else – sometimes without knowing it – who is at higher risk, you could also pass the disease on to them and you don’t want this to bother you ”, added de Villiers.

Revelstoke Mayor Gary Sulz says seeing social media posts like the Anonymous Family is concerning.

“The people you play with with a loaded gun and that loaded gun may not be pointed at you, but they may be pointed at your family or people in the community,” he said as others Local leaders from Revelstoke were telling NL News about the small complex. Municipality is challenged as businesses and residents try to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Sulz also warned against non-essential travel to his community yesterday, saying he did not want the virus to spread to other parts of British Columbia.

“We will be delighted to welcome you back to the community once this crisis is over,” he added.

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