Trump’s Scottish golf course dunes lose protection status


Conservation officials in Scotland claim the coastal sand dunes at President Donald Trump’s Golf Resort in Aberdeenshire have lost their special status as an environmental protected site

The sand dunes were a “high quality example” of a geological system characteristic of north-east Scotland, the agency said.

But he said that despite the nature conservation work at the Trump Golf Course to protect the few remaining habitats and plants at the site, “there is no longer any reason to protect the Menie Dunes as they don’t include not enough special natural elements. characteristics for which they have been designated. ”

Ward, who has closely followed the environmental impact of the Trump course, said the news “opened the door to further damage to the remaining dunes following the construction of a second Trump golf course at the site. ”

Scottish authorities have already approved plans for a second Trump golf course alongside the original on its Menie estate, which opened in 2012.

The existing golf course and the estate’s luxury hotel have not been profitable since their opening.


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