Trump’s neighbors in Mar-a-Lago take legal action to prevent him from moving there when he leaves the White House


Donald Trump’s neighbors at his private Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Fla. Are not excited to see him move there after the presidency and have taken legal action to prevent it to make it his permanent home once he leaves the White House. .

Neighbors delivered a letter of formal notice to authorities in the city of Palm Beach, addressed to the U.S. Secret Service, which said Mr. Trump had lost his legal right to live permanently in Mar-a-Lago due to ‘an agreement he signed in 1993 when he transformed his private residence into a private club.
In 1993, the president struck an agreement that prohibits any club member from spending more than 21 days per year in the club’s suites or staying there for more than seven consecutive days. At that time, the city council was assured that the president would not be living in Mar-a-Lago.
In the letter, an attorney for Mar-a-Lago neighbors said the city should advise the president that he cannot use the club as a residence, reported Le Washington Post.
The letter notes that this would avoid an “embarrassing situation” in the event that the president moves to the club and is then asked to leave.
But the private club has been a favorite for the president as he has been there at least 30 times and spent at least 130 days there during his tenure.
The letter pointed to disruptions such as congested traffic and blocked streets due to Mr. Trump’s frequent trips to the club.
The president’s history of ill will with locals, such as his refusal to respect the height limits of a huge flag pole he installed, does not work in his favor either.
The president had signed a document giving the development rights of the Mar-a-Lago club to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and under it he agreed to waive his right to develop the private club or use it. for “any purpose other than that of the club use.” ”
The controversy over Mr. Trump’s future residence once he leaves the White House in January could be a headache for the U.S. Secret Service, which must prepare for his safety.


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