Trump News Live: Latest Updates As Arizona, Wisconsin Certify Biden Election Victory


Donald Trump returns to the White House after spending Thanksgiving weekend at Camp David
President-elect Joe Biden was officially certified the winner of last month’s presidential election in the battlefield states of Wisconsin and Arizona, as Donald Trump prepares to launch new court challenges to challenge the outcome despite the utter failure of his team to provide evidence of mass electoral fraud.

A partial recount in Wisconsin only increased Mr. Biden’s margin of victory, giving the outgoing president five days to file a new lawsuit aimed at overturning 238,000 ballots in the state, which he said would file no later than Tuesday and that would fail again. .
Meanwhile, Dr Scott Atlas, Mr Trump’s controversial coronavirus adviser, has announced his resignation, in what his colleagues at Stanford University have called a “victory of science and truth over lies and disinformation ”.


Trump has underperformed in majority of countries where he has held rallies

Rather than pushing desperate conspiracy theories and a dye-sweating Rudy to cover up his humiliation, perhaps the President should look much closer to home if he seeks answers to his dismal performance at the polls.
James Crump has this on the wane of Donald’s own appeal in the final weeks of the campaign as his rambling rallies seem to have actually sidetracked voters instead of inspiring them.
Joe SommerladDecember 1, 2020 8:56 AM

Trump rages on Republican governors on Twitter

Despite the dismal failure of his legal team led by Rudy Giuliani to provide any evidence to support his claims that last month’s presidential election was “stolen” or “rigged” as part of an elaborate mass conspiracy orchestrated by the Democratic Party, the media, the FBI, local election officials, George Soros, Venezuela and Marvin the Martian, Trump is still not letting go.
On Twitter, he spent his Monday night retweeting abuses of Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and his Georgian counterpart Brian Kemp, rather than, say, governing or working to eradicate the pandemic.
He even retweeted several messages from this great political heavyweight “Catturd”, whose avatar is a white feline wearing glasses.
Joe SommerladDecember 1, 2020 8:51 AM

Dr Scott Atlas resigns from White House task force

Perhaps the most controversial member of the White House Coronavirus task force, Dr Scott Atlas, has resigned after 130 days in a role in which he has contradicted public health officials, spreading false information about “Herd immunity” to coronaviruses and was reported by Twitter for claiming masks do not work to slow the spread of the disease that has killed thousands of Americans.
Trump appointed the radiologist and a member of a conservative think tank to the task force as an adviser in August. The role was due to expire next week.
In a letter obtained by Fox News and dated December 1, Dr Atlas said he was “working hard with a single goal – to save lives and help Americans navigate this pandemic,” adding that he “is” is always relied on the latest science and evidence, without any political consideration or influence ”despite the false claims that have undermined experts and health officials as infections continued to rise.
Alex Woodward has more details.
Joe SommerladDecember 1, 2020 8:04 AM

Biden victory cemented as battlefield states certify results

The battlefield states of Wisconsin and Arizona finally certified Joe Biden as the winner of their presidential elections on Monday, a month after the poll, as Donald Trump prepares to launch more court challenges to challenge the result.
The Wisconsin Election Commission determined Biden’s victory by about 20,700 votes per day after performing a partial recount and just hours after Arizona also certified its result in favor of the Democrat.
Trump nonetheless pledged to take legal action to overturn the results by attempting to disqualify up to 238,000 ballots, saying the Wisconsin recount was not about finding mistakes but finding people who voted illegally. .
Justin Vallejo has this report.
Joe Sommerlad1 December 2020 08:30

Hello and welcome to The independentLive coverage of Donald Trump’s outgoing administration and presidential transition as Joe Biden prepares for government.

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