Trump administration accused of “radical attack” on asylum rules, faces legal battle


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The rule change also makes it more difficult for people seeking asylum because of gender-based violence or gangs to get approval. These are two justifications that people who seek refuge in America often cite.

The new rule sparked an immediate backlash from immigration lawyers, who say it would dramatically reduce the number of people who will be granted asylum in the United States.

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Lee Gelernt, a prominent immigration lawyer who works with the American Civil Liberties Union, told the Daily Telegraph: “These regulations are yet another attempt by the Trump administration to destroy the American asylum system and will result in the return of countless people to the grave. danger.

“They will be challenged in court and we also hope the Biden administration will overturn these devastating new rules.”

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, of the US advocacy group American Immigration Council, told the Politico website: “This is the most sweeping attack on asylum we’ve seen under the Trump administration. Under this rule, asylum would be out of reach for a large percentage of people who in the past could have qualified. ”

The rule change, which is due to take effect 30 days after its release, comes on top of sweeping immigration and asylum policies adopted by Trump, which has extended fences on the US-Mexico border and pushed several times its Homeland Security team to reduce annual immigration. The figures.

It is also the latest example of the Trump administration forcing policies in line with Trump’s long-standing ideological priorities in the final weeks of his presidency.


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