Trucks stranded in UK after French border closed start to move


Although the huge freight backlog is rooted in fears over the coronavirus, some commentators had seen the gigantic lines a sign of what could be on hold after Britain concludes its withdrawal from the European Union. But those concerns appeared to have subsided on Thursday when London and Brussels announced they had reached a broad agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal.

However, after days of confusion, anger and chaos in and around Dover, it will be little consolation for the hordes of drivers left stranded after the border brutally closed, leaving them with nowhere to go. and little access to food or public facilities.

Many were forced to sleep in their platforms for several nights, and even with the road open, the exasperation was on Thursday, with some truckers spelling out the word “HELP” with traffic cones, according to a photo by The Guardian.

“It’s like a horror movie,” said Ravinder Singh, managing director of Khalsa Aid, which distributed meals to drivers stuck on the highway. “For them, it’s a prison: they can’t go anywhere,” he added.


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