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Travis Scott, J. Cole, Lil Baby and more


Barack Obama’s musical taste is certainly diverse.

Over the years, Barack Obama has made a point of sharing with his supporters the types of media he has consumed throughout the year. The former president does this by deleting lists of his favorite movies, TV shows, and of course, songs. In 2019, Obama’s Favorite Songs List featured a plethora of great artists from all genres of music. There was a lot of hip-hop here and in 2020 it is clear that Obama has continued to listen to the genre.

Today he took to Twitter with his list and it is already starting to generate debate, as well as trolls. As you can see in the tweet below, Obama’s favorite songs include “Savage (Remix)” by Meg Thee Stallion and Beyonce, “Franchise” by Travis Scott, “The Climb Back” by J. Cole, ” Summer 2020 ”by Jhene Aiko and“ Blue World ”by Mac Miller, to name a few.

As President Obama noted in his tweet, his daughter Sasha put him on a lot of the music here, which makes sense given that much of it appeals to a much younger population. . Either way, the former president has enough of an ear, and it’s always interesting to see what’s on his list.

Let us know some of your personal favorites, in the comments section below.

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