Tom Cruise reportedly heard the film crew criticize Covid rules


LONDON – A recording has emerged in which Tom Cruise criticized members of a film crew for not following Covid’s social distancing rules on the set of his latest film ‘Mission: Impossible 7.’
The recording, obtained by British tabloid The Sun, contains audio, apparently from Cruise, screaming at crew members who he said had violated the correct protocols.

In its report first released Tuesday, The Sun said the tirade left the crew members stunned, but it does not name the sources present during the recording, or indicate when the recording was been achieved. The New York Times has two sources confirming the authenticity of the recording. NBC News has yet to verify the recording and has contacted Cruise’s representative, his attorney and Paramount Pictures for comment, but has not received a response.

In the recording, a man identified by the newspaper as Cruise, can be heard shouting, “If I see you doing it again, you’re f —— gone.” ”

“And if anyone in this crew does, that’s it – and so do you, and you too.” And you don’t —— do it again, ”the person continues, during the three-minute recording.

Cruise has been strict about enforcing safety measures on the set of the film which is currently being shot in the UK, according to The Sun.

During recording, an enraged man, allegedly Cruise, is heard to warn the crew that production could be halted if the rules are not followed, threatening livelihoods. Filming for “Mission: Impossible 7” was delayed in October when 12 people on set in Italy tested positive for the coronavirus. Production resumed a week later, then returned to the UK two weeks ago.

—Sarah Whitten of CNBC contributed reporting for this story.


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