Tom Cruise erupts into ‘Mission: Impossible’ crew for Covid-19 violation


Paramount Pictures declined to comment and The Sun did not say when the recording for Mr. Cruise, 58, was made. Reuters reported that the directors of “Mission: Impossible 7” – the latest installment in the 24-year-old series – arrived in London earlier this month.

In February, production of the film was shut down in Venice, Italy, amid a raging coronavirus epidemic in that country, Reuters reported. Production resumed in September and has since moved between Italy, Norway and Great Britain.

Production was halted again in October after 12 crew members on a set in Italy tested positive for the virus, Variety reported.

The leaked audio is that of Mr. Cruise speaking to approximately 50 staff at a Warner Bros. movie production complex. in Leavesden, northwest London, The Sun reported. The tabloid said the actor wears a mask on set and personally enforces the rules of Covid-19, an effort to avoid further delays in filming.

In the leaked clip, Mr. Cruise told the team that production was the “gold standard” for Hollywood and that he had spoken to studios, producers and insurance companies who “we were all watching and using us to make their films. . “


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