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Tom Cruise recently tore up crew members on the set of his upcoming Mission impossible film in London, lambasting them for violating COVID-19 social distancing rules in an explosive rant captured on tape.
The audio obtained by British tabloid Sun captures three minutes of the rant, in which Cruise blames his crew for their lack of social distancing.

“If you don’t, you’re missing!” Cruise yelled at the staff on the film. “If I see him again, you’re gone.

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Cruise seemed particularly angry with the crew crowding around a computer on set. He also claimed that the film was the “gold standard” for film production during the pandemic and that the future of the industry rests on the success of its production.

“Movies are going because of us,” he said in the swearing-in-voice audio recording.

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“I’m on the phone with all the f-ing studios at night, the insurance companies, the producers, and they watch us and use us to make their films. We are creating thousands of jobs, you mothers.

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It is not known exactly when the rant occurred, but the production Mission: impossible 7 resumed in London in early December. The film was forced to stop in February while filming in Venice, as business exploded in Italy. Production resumed in September in Norway, Italy and London.

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Cruise, 58, told the crew he worries about people’s work every night because of the pandemic.

“No excuses,” he said, after singling out several people on set. “You can tell that to people who lose their homes because our industry is closed. It’s not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education. This is what I sleep with every night.

Sources told Reuters and Variety that the audio was genuine.

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Mission impossible isn’t the only production underway during the pandemic, but Cruise has been strict on creating guidelines for COVID-19 safety measures on set, especially after the virus affected other productions.

In September, for example, production on The batman was arrested in London when star Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19.

The audio drew comparisons to actor Christian Bale’s infamous 2009 speech on the set of Terminator: Hello, in which the actor criticized a crew member for stepping on set during filming.

Representatives for Cruise have not commented on the video.

Mission: impossible 7, by Paramount Pictures, is scheduled for release in November 2021.

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