This morning: Eamonn Holmes has an “awkward” exchange with a schoolteacher for “bad” words to “Jingle Bells”


On the long ITV chat series, Holmes interviewed a schoolteacher and accused her of misinterpreting the popular Christmas carol “Jingle Bells”.

Presenter and co-presenter Ruth Langsford were joined on This morning by a teacher from Wormhholt Park Primary School in West London and a group of children, singing a rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’.
Before starting to sing, however, Holmes inquired about what lyrics they intended to sing.
The teacher replied that they would sing, “Oh what a pleasure it is to ride a horse-drawn sleigh / Oh! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells all the way. ”
Holmes, however, insisted that the lyrics contained the word “hey” instead of “oh”.
“This is wrong, professor,” he said. “She taught these children badly.”
Langsford tried to argue that the lyrics were correct, but Holmes reiterated that the professor misunderstood the words.
On social media, viewers posted their reactions to the odd encounter, with many saying the exchange was needlessly “awkward.”
“Forget Eamonn, does it really matter?” How embarrassing, ”wrote one viewer.
“Not impressed that he tried to practice with a teacher in front of his class on live TV,” someone else wrote. Another wrote that he had “belittled” the teacher.
Others, however, agreed with Holmes, many saying the correct lyrics were actually “hey.”
“We don’t mind which one you say, we are just immensely proud of our second grade kids and their fantastic teacher,” the school wrote. “Many thanks to @thismorning for inviting #singandsign #jinglebells. ”


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