The Mandalorian launches a Game of Thrones and publishes “Jeans Guy”


Look in the far left corner to see a crew member’s cameo in Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian.

Disney Plus

About a week after the gray shirt, a crew member’s jeans and left arm were spotted in Chapter 12 of the Mandalorian, the gaff has been ruthlessly wiped out of the Star Wars cannon. Disney banned the crew member, who became known as the “Jeans Guy,” in the same closet as high-profile TV errors, like the coffee cup in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Keen-eyed fans soon noticed the appearance – and then disappearance – of the crew member in the fourth episode of the second season, which released on Disney Plus on November 20. The gaffe difficult to spot briefly interrupts a scene where Greef Karga, Cara Dune, and Mando are infiltrating a former Imperial base to blow it up.

At around 6:54 p.m., Jeans Guy makes an appearance thinking about his own business alongside the action, partially obscured behind a wall, before disappearing as the gang begins to zap the guards again.

Fans mourned the loss of the brief new character.

“Jeans Guy has been removed from Chapter 12 of The Mandalorian,” a tweet read on November 26. “RIP Jeans Guy”.

Unfortunately, we will never see the figure.

Piercing eyes spotted the blunder on the day of the episode’s release.

Catch a new episode of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus every Friday. Let’s see if he manages to get Jeans Guy to follow another blunder, just like the Game of Thrones finale made with his drink bottle debacle.


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