The level 3 lockdown borders in North East Lincolnshire that you cannot cross from today


With the new tier system now in effect, this will create a strange situation for North Lincolnshire.
North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, as well as East and West Lindsey are at Level 3 and are subject to the strictest coronavirus restrictions.

While the tier system brings us closer to normal with the reopening of non-essential stores, hairdressers, tattoo parlors, and organized sports, our lives will always be limited.

With North Lincolnshire, East Lindsey, East Riding and Hull all at level 3, this creates a number of difficult situations for residents of the area, especially when it comes to travel.

The government’s new tier laws – which passed in the House of Commons on Tuesday night – also do not allow people living at Level 3 to upgrade to Level 2, unless their travel is for business purposes or otherwise essential.

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Traveling between North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, East Lindsey and West Lindsey now apparently breaks the rules set by the new levels section, unless it’s for work, education or medical treatment

But there are other travel restrictions, which people may find difficult due to the lack of clarity between areas.

While some locations can be easily divided by level 2/3 changes, there is no confirmation of the boundaries for residents of North East Lincolnshire yet.

While some in Grimsby may consider a trip to Scunthorpe or Louth a short drive away, it is likely that making this trip for some non-essential reason should not be allowed as you will be leaving North East Lincolnshire.

This will put people in a difficult situation where residents of North Lincolnshire and East Lindsey will not be able to visit Grimsby for their Christmas shopping.

Also, if you are traveling to lower level areas, the principle is that a person living in a level 3 area takes their level 3 status with them.

You can only travel between levels for essential reasons, such as work, medical treatment, or study.

This means that visiting places like Meadowhall or York is also irrelevant.

Traveling through North Lincolnshire could be confirmed in the future when we have further advice from the government regarding travel areas, but, for now, seems limited to North East Lincolnshire.

Where the border is dictates where you can visit and requires people to stay in their ridings for things like Christmas shopping.

But where is this border? What does it look like and which communities are going to be forced to make big changes to Christmas shopping plans?

Immingham, Killingholme et Keelby

Immingham is in North East Lincolnshire, but Keelby and Killingholme are sitting just outside

On the upper border of North East Lincolnshire, Immingham sits comfortably in North East Lincolnshire, but some neighboring villages are missing.

Notable places to miss are the north and south of Killingholme, as well as Keelby, all of which are considered part of North Lincolnshire.

This means that although they are closer to Grimsby, they should stay in North Lincolnshire and travel to Scunthorpe for Christmas shopping.

However, many people will still have to cross the border, with Phillips 66 and Lindsey Oil Refinery next to South Killingholme, not to mention much of Immingham Docks.

These are, of course, allowed under the new level rules, which allow people to move between zones for work.

Laceby et Caistor

Laceby is in North East Lincolnshire, while Caistor is in West Lindsey

For Laceby, the village is in North East Lincolnshire, while Caistor is comfortably settled in West Lindsey.

However, some children may still travel to Caistor from North East Lincolnshire for Caistor Grammar School. Travel to school is obviously authorized because the schools remain open.

As for the small villages in the far north of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Irby-upon-Humber is part of North East Lincolnshire, while Swallow is part of West Lindsey.

Speaking of the Lincolnshire Wolds …

Lincolnshire Wolds

The far north-east of the Wolds lies in north-east Lincolnshire

The very north-east corner of the Lincolnshire Wolds is part of the north-east of Lincolnshire.

The majority of the Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčOutstanding Natural Beauty is in East Lindsey, the remainder in West Lindsey.

Villages such as Beelsby, Hatcliffe, East Ravendale and Wold Newton are all located in North East Lincolnshire.

Meanwhile, places such as Croxby, Thorganby, Swinhope, and Brookenby are all in West Lindsey, while Binbrook is in East Lindsey.

Holton-le-Clay et Louth

Louth is very deep in East Lindsey, but Holton-le-Clay is just across the border from North East Lincolnshire

Of course, Louth can be found a lot in East Lindsey, but a lot of people can travel to North East Lincolnshire for work or Christmas shopping.

Under the new tier rules, it looks like the latter can’t happen, but residents of Louth can still travel for any of the reasons listed above.

Holton-le-Clay has a much more difficult situation as, under the new restrictions, they are not expected to cross the North East Lincolnshire border for shopping or for other non-essential reasons.

While causing trouble for Christmas shopping, it’s also open to trouble later if East Lindsey or North East Lincolnshire enters level 2 while the other does not.

Other villages such as Tetney, North Cotes and North Thoresby are also part of East Lindsey.


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