The Creators of Crown Invented Diana’s ‘To Break Hearts’ Singing Scene


This is one of The Crown’s most memorable moments: Diana, Princess of Wales singing a Phantom of the Opera love song in a video recording for her husband.
But the creators of the Netflix show admitted the performance was a piece of the imagination, saying they made it up because they wanted to “break our hearts” while watching the couple’s marriage break up.

The program’s researchers established that the Princess had previously performed a dance routine on a number of The Phantom of the Opera and made a VHS copy of it.

In their fictional tale, Diana (played by Emma Corrin) sings a plaintive All I Ask Of You, including the lyrics: “Say you need me with you now and always / Promise me everything you say is true. ”

Jessica Hobbs, who directed the episode, said, “We understood that she did a dance for him that was filmed on stage, in costumes, on the real set. This is what we understood from the research. So we extended that to his song.

Annie Sulzberger, the show’s research manager, said: “When we found out Emma could sing, we thought, okay, even though Diana wasn’t the best singer in the world and would have preferred to dance that, we don’t know. . We never saw the video.

“Let’s sing her because it’s gonna break our hearts, right?” Sulzberger told the official podcast accompanying the series. The performance, she said, was “magnetic and punchy.”

Netflix has rejected a request by Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to add a disclaimer to the show describing it as a work of fiction, following controversy over its portrayal of the royal family and of Baroness Thatcher.

In the same podcast, the show’s writer Peter Morgan indicated that the Queen’s portrayal will darken over the next two series as she loses her confidence in the face of public hostility. The fifth and sixth series will cover the 1990s, including the Queen’s annus horribilis and the death of the Princess of Wales.

Morgan said: “Remember, in the 90s there were some very, very difficult times and titles. It was the first time the Monarchy and the Queen herself had polled as negatively as she had.

“So that’s a long way to say that in seasons five and six, in the midst of all of this criticism, we have someone who lacks confidence.

While the visual effects team spends most of their time adding elements to the show, such as crowd scenes and backdrops, sometimes they have something to take away.

A member of the team told the podcast, “We actually got rid of a slightly misbehaved corgi, which wasn’t working where it should have been. We just pretended it wasn’t there.


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