“The Cancellation”: Lily Rabe talks about Sylvia-Jonathan’s conspiracy theories


The following story contains spoilers from CancellationThe six-part series of the entire series – continue at your own risk

Everyone has it for Sylvia! Even if CancellationThe ‘Who Killed Elena’ murder mystery has been solved (husband did!), Fans still seem determined to tie Lily Rabe’s Upper East Side muckraker to the crime, even if tangentially. At the very least, she was sleeping with her best friend’s husband, they postulate. For his part, Rabe fully understands why viewers have taken a hammer-sculptor from his alter ego’s reputation. the american horror story veterinarian also shared with TVLine the conspiracy theory relayed by Sylvia that she can not get on board and reveal what it was like to work so closely with Nicole Kidman’s coats.

TVLINE | We ran a poll in the days leading up to the finale to ask readers who they think killed Elena. Sylvia won easily. And even though we now know Jonathan did, I still see comments from people who believe she was involved in some way or another. Why do you think there has been and continues to be this cloud of suspicion over her?
Look, very early on Sylvia kept information from Grace [about how she covertly represented Jonathan in his firing from the hospital]. For many people, this kind of betrayal is enough to call that friendship into question and question Sylvia’s integrity. And I understand why. The rules of what we share and what we omit out of love are so subjective and complicated. I don’t think I could have kept this [secret] of my closest friends. And I think I would have felt unbelievably betrayed if someone had me. But I also understand why she made this choice at the time. She didn’t think it would help Grace. And she had a professional obligation; it was inside information. But it put her on [fans’ murder] watch list.

TVLINE | Viewers spent a day in the field reading the nod Sylvia gave Jonathan in the courtroom when challenged in Episode 3. What did that nod mean to you?
” I am watching you. You are not safe with me. I don’t trust you. And I’m here with clearer eyes. And I think there’s also a moment of, “Please don’t let that be the truth. You are someone I loved ”- and I don’t mean that romantically. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Fans have been throwing up some interesting conspiracy theories about Sylvia’s possible involvement in the murder, beyond the obvious one about her affair with Jonathan. There was one about her being in cahoots with Franklin, another about the fact that she was Jonathan’s little sister who never died …
This one is new to me. I was aware of the affair with Jonathan. I also knew there was a theory that Franklin and I were in cahoots – that I love. Sylvia has known Franklin since birth; their families spent the summer together. And I think they had a bond and a likeness of spirit. We kind of imagined that during those summers when everyone went to bed they were probably the last two to come out late to finish off the second bottle of wine. I love all the theories. I love the way people watch the show. [Pauses] Wait … that I’m Jonathan’s sister?!

TVLINE | Yes. Someone suggested that Sylvia was the younger sister he claimed died in the car crash, and she has kept her true identity as Grace a secret for all these years.
Hmm… I do not know this a. The rest of them I can [get on board with]. This one is really a bit of a stretch. [Laughs]

TVLINE | One thing that struck me as shocking about Sylvia was the pleasure she seemed to get from all the drama swirling around Grace and the community.
This is how she moves in this world. And I don’t mean that in a manipulative way, but that’s how she gathers information. This makes light its place. She wants to be there first to know the truth – and she is the first to know in many ways. He’s the person a lot of people turn to with information. And she doesn’t necessarily give it away, but she has to be brilliant about it or people wouldn’t keep her in that position. It gives him power. I don’t think there is any joy in the fact that Elena was killed, but [she revels] in the upheaval it brings to the community. Like when Elena was breastfeeding her daughter in [auction] meeting [in the premiere] – that was something that just doesn’t happen. And I think Sylvia love this. She likes it when things are out of balance. She feeds on it. And sometimes she nudges he. It’s a pot. But that doesn’t mean she’s sleeping with her best friend’s husband. Or kill someone. [Laughs]

TVLINE | We made a lot of Grace’s coats. You have had the benefit of seeing many of them up close. Were they as resplendent in person as they appeared to be on TV?
Yes. And plus. They were bananas. They were really like characters. They felt like fairytale coats. In the New York Sea and in the chaos of what’s going on, there are these coats. They were so brilliant, especially the [green and eggplant ones]. And they were a little offbeat. They weren’t like the beautiful and perfect Max Mara Upper East Side coat I wore. They were a bit more off center which was so delicious and perfect.

TVLINE | What was your working relationship with Nicole?
I love it. She is an incredible woman, a generous friend and a stage partner. What a beautiful thing to fall in love with her, like Sylvia. And I don’t mean romantic! People are going to come up with a whole new theory. [Laughs] I mean in the way we fall in love with friends. And the way you fall in love over and over again in our friendships and relationships. And that’s what’s going on here. It really could have gone in a different direction with [Grace and Sylvia]. But they are doing it. And at the end, they tie their arms. But there is no one like Nicole. She is incredible.


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