Tesco issues urgent recall of popular Christmas food due to health risks


A supermarket giant urgently recalled one of its popular Christmas items and asked those who are sensitive to sulfur dioxide or sulphite not to eat it.
The best fruits and nuts from Tesco Festive Selection were poorly packaged and there is no mention of sulfur dioxide on the label, reports the Manchester Evening News.

A notice issued by the Food Standards Agency reads: “Tesco recalls a batch of Tesco Finest Festive Belgian Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts.

“The product was not properly packaged with the Tesco Finest Festive selection of fruits and nuts which contains sulfur dioxide which is not mentioned on the label.

“This means that the product poses a potential health risk to anyone sensitive to sulfur dioxide and / or sulfites.

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“Correctly packaged Tesco Finest Festive Fruit and Nut Selection is not affected by this recall. ”

The following products were recalled:

Tesco Finest Festive Belgian Dark Chocolate Brazil Nut

The FSA said: “Tesco is recalling the above product to customers and has contacted the relevant allergy support organizations, who will notify their members of the recall.

“The company has also issued a recall notice to its customers, which tells customers why the product is being recalled and tells them what to do if they have purchased the product. ”

Customers are told, “If you purchased the above product improperly packaged and are sensitive to sulfur dioxide and / or sulfites, do not eat it.”

“Instead, return it to the store it was purchased from or, if desired, contact Tesco Customer Support on 0800 505 555 for a full refund without returning the product to the store. ”


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