Taskmaster series 11 casting: Meet the list of contenders for the 2021 series | TV


The list of candidates making up Taskmaster’s cast for Season 11 in 2021 has been confirmed.

The eleventh series will start on Canal 4 into the New Year, with an exact release date to be confirmed.


While the date of the statistics is to be announced, the schedule has been confirmed with the creator Alex Horne alongside Greg Davies as the incomparable and all-powerful Taskmaster.

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Hoping to impress the Taskmaster and be crowned the next champion are:

Actor Charlotte Ritchie (Fantômes, BBC One)

Popular stand-up Jamali Maddix (Hate your neighbor, vice)

BAFTA-winning comic Lee Mack (Don’t come out, BBC One)

Actor, writer and comedian Mike Wozniak (Man Down, Channel 4)

BAFTA nominated actor and comedian Sarah Kendall (Effiloché, Sky One)

The five elite comedy minds will throw themselves at the mercy of the Taskmaster, earning points, prizes and eternal glory of being crowned Taskmaster Champion.

Wax seals will open, dreams will be made and / or shattered, and little Alex Horne will be wrapped around his master’s little finger providing stats and moral support in the most ridiculous and fiercely fought game show .

Taskmaster Series 11 will launch on Channel 4 in 2021.

Next year will also see a second Champion of Champions special.

Not content with just putting a new set of hopefuls to the test, 2021 will also see the uncompromising Taskmaster upholding the tradition and inviting the winners of rounds six through ten to a brand new Champion of Champions tournament.


The most recent winner, Richard Herring, will join fellow champions Liza Tarbuck, Kerry Godliman, Lou Sanders and Ed Gamble as they have the opportunity to fight again.

Taskmaster airs on Channel 4. You can watch episodes online through All 4 here.


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