Talk about A&M passing through Ohio


President of the college football qualifiers Gary Barta spoke with reporters on a conference call Tuesday night following the announcement of the PSC’s second top 25 of the season. This week’s top six has not changed from last week.

Alabama has always held onto first place followed by Notre Dame in second, Clemson in third and Ohio State in fourth. While one point of contention was Texas A&M remaining in fifth place, one notch from the playoffs and ahead of sixth-seeded Florida, which lost to the Aggies in early October, another began involving the Aggies. vis-à-vis the Buckeyes who may run out of opportunities to impress the committee due to circumstances beyond their control.

How important is a head-to-head victory (between the Aggies and the Gators)?

Well, this is important. This is certainly one of the criteria we use to assess.

The two teams, they are both with a loss. Texas A&M’s only loss is against Alabama. They beat Florida, as you mentioned. More recently, last week, you watched the Kentucky game that Florida played, and it was a first half that Kentucky was really playing well in. Florida eventually pulled out. Texas A&M, once again, continued to play excellent defense.

When you go through all of these criteria, at the end of the day, I would say there was a lot of back and forth. Kyle Pitts is back for Florida. He had three touchdowns. It makes the difference.

At the end of the day, Texas A&M, with all these other criteria, Texas A&M beat Florida. This ends up tipping him over to Texas A&M.


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