Suspect charged with attempted murder after hitting and dragging Toronto police officer with vehicle


A suspect wanted for allegedly hitting and dragging a Toronto police officer with a stolen vehicle has now been arrested and formally charged with attempted murder.

On November 21, shortly before 11:30 p.m., an officer was patrolling the Eglinton Avenue West and Weston Road area in the Mount Dennis neighborhood.

The officer heard the sound of gunfire nearby, then saw a vehicle fleeing the area at high speed, police said.

The officer chased the vehicle and eventually caught up with it at Scarlett Road and East Drive and motioned for the driver to stop.

Police said the officer then got out of his cruise vehicle to approach the vehicle before being struck.

“… As a result of this there was an interaction with the vehicle and the officer where the officer was on the hood of the car. [and] taken by the driver onto the hood of the car and eventually fell out of the vehicle and sustained serious injuries, ”Supt. Ron Taverner said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference.

During the press conference, police released video of the incident from the officer’s on-board camera which showed the officer’s cruiser following the suspect vehicle for some time before the officer stops and gets out of his vehicle to approach the suspect vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the officer was struck by the suspect vehicle and seen over the hood of the vehicle as he was driving away.

Police initially said the officer was dragged more than 50 meters by the vehicle, but now say he was dragged more than nine meters.

“In a few seconds you can cover a good distance, as you can see from the speed at which it was taking off… It’s pretty important to be on such a long vehicle,” Taverner said.

The officer was taken to hospital with serious injuries and has since been released.

Taverner said investigators obtained a partial license plate number from the suspect vehicle and were able to determine that the vehicle was stolen.

Police also released the identity of a wanted man in connection with the investigation over the weekend.

On Tuesday, police said a suspect had been arrested and charged in connection with the incident.

Terry Baksh, a 39-year-old Toronto resident, faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a weapon, dangerous driving, escape from the police, disqualified driver, possession of property obtained by crime and not – compliance with a release order.


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