Stephen Thompson hosts a masterclass against Geoff Neal | UFC Vegas 17


Stephen Thompson and Geoff Neal face off tonight (Saturday, December 19, 2020) in a main match against the UFC APEX welterweight in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC Vegas 17. Although he replaces the event Leon Edwards vs. Tonight’s main event Khamzat Chimaev remains a pivotal 170-pound clash with title implications. Thompson will look to shake off the goalie tag and reassert himself in the title image, while Neal aims to continue his victories inside the Octagon and score the biggest scalp of his professional career.

Stephen Thompson has once again proven himself on multiple levels in front of a talented welterweight. Even after a head clash cut him off and an injured leg slowed him down, Thompson largely dominated to claim back-to-back wins.

First round

Thompson opens with a good low kick inside and then countered when Neal attempted to retaliate. Thompson moves well, sticks a left hand. Neal finds his first connection in combat after supporting his enemy in the fence. 1-2 of “Wonderboy,” followed by another clean jab. The back kick landed hard in the midsection for Thompson. “Wonderboy” hands look SHARP! Neal cannot follow his opponent with 90 seconds left in the turn. The two heads clash, and the two men are cut off. Thompson finishes a dominant lap with a quick low kick.

Second round

Thompson lands a few early kicks. Neal explodes into a good left hand and tries to turn it into a locking body pullout. “Wonderboy” defends himself and escapes, although he eats a few punches. Crispy kick from Thompson’s right hand and body. Body kick and part head kick for Thompson. Neal gives a good kick to the body, takes a cross on the stomach. Thompson is backed up into the fence, still lands a suit, then vanishes before his enemy can land. Neal lands a few good kicks, but all of his punches are short, while Thompson lands on all targets. Neal finally landed some good lefts in the dying seconds of the round, but it was nowhere near enough to win the round back.

Third round

Thompson opened with a quick series of stiff kicks and crosses. Neal just misses with a high kick. Thompson’s uppercut, followed by a sly high kick. Neal pushes his enemy into the fence, but he is unable to take down anything too important before they get loose. Thompson comes close to landing a clean, high kick and then throws several punches. Neal scores with a right hook along the fence. Hard blow from “Wonderboy”. Neal sticks a good shot on his own at the end of a combo. He does better with more aggression. Headbutt and score 1-2 for Thompson. The two trades kick and Neal finds a good kick near the bell.

Fourth round

Clean Thompson’s right hand begins the round. Neal hits the nail on the head. Another. The steep side kick scores for Thompson. “Wonderboy” kicks the midsection, and the two drop briefly. Thompson’s right hand seems to waver his foe for a moment. Neal lands on the left, eats an intermediate elbow. Intercept Thompson’s knee! Neal slows down, takes more and more pictures, and “Wonderboy” can sense it. Neal’s right left hand connects. Thompson kicked hard. Neal pushes into the clinch and controls this position, but he needs a finish with five minutes remaining.

Fifth round

Thompson’s right leg appears to be injured to some extent. Neal lands three left hands! Thompson comes back to changing direction and sticking punches. Thompson’s 1-2 clean and uppercut. Thompson puts it together as a six-hit combo, ends up in the body. Neal swings wild, lands on the left. Thompson puts his right on the jaw several times. Neal pushes his enemy into the fence, but time passes against him. Thompson finds a side kick. The rotating elbow partially connects for Neal. Neal lands a 1-2, takes an uppercut. Neal finds a left hook. The two exchanges at the bell!
Result: Stephen Thompson defeats Geoff Neal by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

For full UFC Vegas 17 results: “Thompson vs. Neal ‘and read by part, click HERE!


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