Star Wars: The High Republic to include Jedi Bounty Hunter


Lucasfilm has announced a new book in the new series “The High Republic”, which will tell the story of the Jedi Knights from 200 years ago.

What’s going on?

The new book – titled “Star Wars: The High Republic: The Rising Storm” – will be available on July 6th.

  • The new novel will tell the story of Jedi Council member Stellan Gios and Padawan Bell Zettifer as they face off against the Nihil, a villainous group who will debut the series.

Cavan Scott, the author, told that the book will also include Ty Yorrick, who was considered a “sword for hire.”

  • “Yorrick is a Force-sensitive monster hunter with a mysterious past. What is this past? Well that would be revealing, ”he told “All I would say is you don’t want to get in his way, as Stellan and the others soon realize on their own.

What does it mean?

A “sword for hire” looks a lot like a bounty hunter. In fact, Scott calls the character a monster hunter. But does “saber” refer to a lightsaber or a regular saber? This is the question. But the published cover photos of the book show three Jedi Knights, suggesting it will be a bounty hunter.


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