Star Wars 1313 Dev Considering Game Cancellation Due To The Mandalorian’s Popularity


Following the great success and cheering of Star Wars The Mandalorian TV show, which is all about a bounty hunter in space, God of War director Cory Barlog tweeted that he hopes that a developer is trying to create a new Star Wars. bounty hunter video game.
Celia Hodent, a former developer at Lucasfilm, responded to Barlog by pointing out that she and her team tried to do just that with Star Wars 1313. Announced in 2012, the game was a third-party action adventure title. person located under Coruscant where you play as a bounty hunter. However, when Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the mega corporation shut down developer LucasArts and canceled all of its games, including Star Wars 1313.

Developer Patrick Wren worked on this game, and he replied to Hodent’s tweet, “If only people could have seen what was to come. ”

Hodent went on to say that there is no way Star Wars 1313 will be relaunched. “It was very painful for the team… It won’t be relaunched… it’s been canned too many years ago now (2013),” she said.

Hodent also clarified that Star Wars 1313 is not at the finish line in its development, but she is happy with what the team has. “There was still a lot of work to do. But what we had was magical (admit I might be biased), ” she says.

Disney was at one point a big name in game development, launching the Disney Infinity, Epic Mickey, and Split / Second franchises, among others, but has stepped back in recent years for internal game development. Disney President Bob Iger has acknowledged that Disney’s game development track record has been uneven, which is why the company is now pursuing a different strategy by licensing its games to developers, like EA, to create Star Wars games.

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