Spider-Man How Miles Morales and One Reality’s Gwen Stacy Got Married


The multiverse is massive and full of all potential possibilities – including confirmation from some fan favorite couples. One of these couples can be found among the main comedic incarnations of two stars of isin the Spider-Verse, the marriage of two Spider-Heroes ultimately led to a long period of peace for their entire world.

After being teased by various forms of media, what happened on Earth-8 – a world where Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy ended up getting married?

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Earth-8 is a world similar to many versions of the Marvel Universe, although a few decades ahead of the present day. Notably, this world is considered a possible future that incorporates elements from Earth-616 (the core of the Marvel Universe) and Earth-65 (home to Spider-Gwen). In this reality, it was the spider-themed heroes who ultimately became the greatest heroes on the planet, with Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy becoming two of the biggest celebrities on the planet. They even unmasked themselves for the world, defining themselves as the world’s greatest protectors. Notably, they also continued their romance into adulthood – eventually marrying and starting a family of their own. This produced two children, the sarcastic and confident Max (aka Spider-Boy) and the empathetic and intelligent Charlotte (Spider-Girl).

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The four family members serve as heroes in Amazing Eight, the first superhero team of this reality and made up of allies all around Spider-themed. This included an incarnation of Spider-Ham (who had had his own family and had a very close relationship with Miles and Gwen), as well as an adult version of Gerry Drew, a Kraven-inspired Spider-Woman, and an SP / / dr which is implied to be piloted by a version of Peni Parker. This world is all around peaceful, Max often complaining about how bored he has become. With the protection of the Amazing Eights and under the leadership of President Samantha Wilson (the former Captain America of Earth-65), even Earth-8 watcher Utaa thinks it’s heaven.

This world was first encountered by the Earth-65 Spider-Gwen twenty years after the much-publicized marriage between Miles and Gwen, who was shocked to meet her future children. Dealing with a wicked version of Miles’ father, Jefferson Davis, Gwen asked Earth-8 for reinforcement against him and his allies. While the future Miles and Gwen were away – as they were on their second honeymoon – the rest of the Amazing Eights joined Gwen and Miles in the battle. After the battle, it left Miles and Gwen confused but hopeful that they would continue to be friends “for now”, waiting to see if Earth-8’s future was the same as the one that awaited them.

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While this reality’s Miles and Gwen haven’t been fully introduced yet, it does imply that Earth-8’s Gwen and Miles are also much more important on a multiversal level than one might expect. Besides having a lot of experience with multiversal travel and conflict, the Gwen of Earth-8 is also involved as a member of a secret group of Gwen Stacys on the other side of the multiverse that had so well hidden their existence. , not even the observers are fully aware of this. Earth-617 Gwen Stacy – who survived to middle age to become an amazing inventor in her own right – reveals that her young self met Gwen from Earth-65 when she had been detached from her universe by this “Council. by Gwens. But in doing so, Gwen had the chance to overcome her potential obscurity as the new Venom.

Earth-8 seems like the happiest possible ending for the heroes of Earth-65 and even Earth-616: a world where multiverse adventures have produced great heroes, powerful allies, and everlasting peace. It’s also a world where heroes not only have the chance to fall in love and move on with their lives, but also to survive the potential of chaos and have children of their own – ensuring future generations of heroes even if they don’t. they continue to fight. It would be fascinating to see a return to Earth-8 – especially if that, in turn, led to the official introduction of the Council of Gwens.

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