Skull Session: Jim Harbaugh needs the game to be canceled, Garrett Wilson’s dad misses him during the holidays, and Seth Towns is coming back soon


Happy December everyone. Hope this month brings us a lot of Buckeye football, starting with this weekend.

Word of the day: Shading.

HOPE AND PRAYER. “Jim Harbaugh’s best chance not to be embarrassed against Ohio State is if the game is called off” sounds like off-season jokes. But it is now extremely true and could even save his job.

But in the interest of considering possible scenarios, imagine if the Michigan-Ohio State game cannot be played because of COVID-19.

Having a game canceled due to the virus is not out of the question.

In fact, Michigan suspended its football activities on Monday.

Can you imagine if this lasts? And the Michigan-Ohio State game can’t be played?

As crazy as it sounds, it seems more likely than Michigan beating Ohio State on the court.

Not losing to the State of Ohio, even from COVID-19, could help the administration announce an extension.

This is the current state of the program, where the cancellation of the biggest game of the year could be the best of times. I don’t think there are many Michigan fans out there who would be upset if this season was over.

So listen to me – what if we play the long game here? I’m as excited as anyone to watch this attack gut Michigan like a fish for the third time in a row, but if a cancellation really gets Harbaugh an overtime…

Either way, we win!

WILL NOT BE AT HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. Garrett Wilson’s dad hasn’t seen his son in months, hasn’t seen him on Thanksgiving, and won’t see him for Christmas. And he knows that’s the way it should be.

“He wasn’t home for Thanksgiving and no, he won’t be home for Christmas and those are all very difficult things. But we understand that this is his time, his opportunity, and we don’t want to let anything in and he doesn’t either, “Wilson said.

Thus, Garrett, like other OSU players, remains socially estranged from his family. And as a dad, Wilson says it’s hard not to be able to wrap your arms around the person you love.

“He hasn’t been with his family because he really wants to keep the distance Coach Day asked him to keep,” Wilson said. “We’re happy with that, but despite the fact, I’d like to give her a hug and a kiss just to say, ‘I’m your daddy… I love you.’ ”

Before you worry about the positive COVID tests that could derail the season, here’s a quick reminder that players haven’t seen their families in months. As frustrated as you are that the season is in danger, I promise they are infinitely more pissed off.

SETH TOWNS COMING INTO TOWN. I’m not going to pretend the last game was pretty, but the good news is the Buckeyes are about to get some much-needed reinforcement on hardwood.

As of this writing, it has been 996 days since Towns last appeared in a basketball game. Hoping it doesn’t reach 1000.

HOME FOR PANDEMIC DAYS. It looks like the Buckeyes have a new hardwood house – at least for now.

For my part, I am shocked that the state of Ohio decided not to use the empty arena of 19,000 people which is cavernous and barren with people inside.

* whispers * now is your chance to destroy it and make a permanent change …

REALLY DON’T GET SHOT. Tom Herman’s job is so safe that he offers his boss to tell the recruits that his job is safe. Always a good sign!

Herman better be on the line for those phone calls as well. Otherwise, it sets up an open dialogue about who teens would like to be their next head coach, which would be kind of a rule.

SONG OF THE DAY. “It’s Starting To Look Like Christmas” by Bing Crosby.

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